#MeetTheStreets Decatur, Il Wedding


I feel so incredibly blessed to have this career as a wedding photographer.  To be a part of  a couple like Jayne & Ryan exchanging vows is incredibly humbling and endearing.  Every wedding I shoot I know they are getting what they hired me for- beautiful imagery capturing every part of their wedding day.  But ceremonies and couples like Ryan & Jayne remind me of true love and why I love weddings.

Every one knows you hire a photographer to capture the details, the love, the happiness.  If we're being frank, we all know those pictures happen in a controlled setting, with my guidance.  However, my favorite part of every wedding is listening to your pastor/priest/minister. Ryan and Jayne's spoke about how this day was designed for them, that they were chosen for each other before they were even born.  Not everyone may believe this, but if you do- it's pretty amazing to think that. 

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Maverick Newborn Decatur Il Baby Photographer

It's not often that I can say I go home and tell my husband that the newborn made as good of eye contact as his older brother.  Actually, it's never I say this.  And yet, Maverick was so alert and somehow made really good eye contact.  Or he was following the modeling light on my strobe and was in love.   So when possible I just followed those little eyeballs towards my light and got amazing pictures of him wide awake.  They have a family picture of the three of them looking amazing and right at the camera and Maverick looking off towards the light.   I've been told I'm the baby whisperer of Decatur, hence the career as a baby photographer- and I've never had a babe hold out like Maverick did without being royally pissed at me.

Needless to say, we took some awake images and then threw Maverick into the potato wrap, and he STILL stayed awake. 

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Kooper K’s Newborn Session

When you look around HGP's website, you'll see a lot of sleeping babies.  It is almost impossible to pose an awake baby.  So if your babe should wake up, or not go back to sleep at some point, I'm very likely to take a few pictures of your awake babe.  That didn't happen with Kooper.

As with every baby, after getting naked he was wide eyed for a bit.  But his mom was not kidding that when you put a paci in his mouth, his eyes drop, he hits snooze-ville and spits out that paci.  She has amazing instincts as a new momma, and she knew her little boy inside and out.  I wish I had grabbed a few awake shots before he fell asleep, because I never saw his eyeballs again!  It made for a session that I ended up sending a 90+ proofing gallery!  He was so good, albeit sooo wiggly! 

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The Anderson Family

Summer Mini's are LIVE!  HGP kicked them off the best way possible- with my niece (and her parents, but I mean, we really only care about my niece, right?).

I had a full blog post written out, and lost it.  So I'm bummed and it'll probably take me days to write the new one... waaaaahhh.

Anyways, this session came really close to not happening.  My sister in law came to my studio to pick up a headband and I think the whole neighborhood could hear miss Charlotte screaming.  So Chelley tried a quick nursing, a  little decompress time, and we loaded up.  Cue more screaming.  Get to our location, and she's still pissed.  Honestly, I don't want to make your babies cooperate.  They're allowed to have bad days too, and the last thing anyone wants to do is spend a half hour or longer making their baby smile, play, and engage. 

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The long awaited engagement session- the soon to be Howell’s!

Ok, so I know this is supposed to be about Lindsey & Brandon.  However, there's a Marlow in the picture, and little girl is even cuter than her name.  First of all- I'm envious of how talkative she is, she's not even two yet!  Secondly, she's so amazingly well behaved!  Even though we were encroaching on what is so often the witching hours for babes.  I almost let Mar steal the show with her adorableness, but alas, we sent her on her way with grandparents and carried on with our gorgeous evening!

Anyways, we had to wait literal months to get this session finally in!  First we had cold temps, then sickness, then wind (it was 100% necessary that we had to reschedule since two out of three of them had dresses on, it's a good thing we did).  Luckily we got a break in the wind, sickness, and HEAT, because I'm not about to make all this cute couples get all dressed up just to sweat through their well coordinated outfits in these summer days we've been having. 

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