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 Welcome to Hidden Gem Photography, my name is Jennifer Lange.  I am primarily a newborn photographer as well as a wedding photographer who loves to follow you as your family grows through marriage and babies.  While based in Decatur, Illinois, I travel all over Central Illinois and the south side suburbs of Chicago (it’s where I’m from).   Contact me directly to discuss how I can customize your newborn session or fulfill your wedding photography needs!  Enough with the boring stuff- the slightly more interesting about me in below!

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A little about me…

First of all, I love chocolate (mainly when I’m hiding in a closet from my toddler).  I could probably eat pizza everyday.  It should really be a food staple.   I streamline vanilla caramel tea (my only but extremely necessary source of caffeine) and enjoy the occasional glass of wine and the more than occasional summer shandy in the summer months.  If I could do anything besides photography, I’d live in a barn.  Literally.  Ask me what I got my undergrad in.

Lastly, you should know my little family.  My daughter, Gemma (featured up top with sis, Ella), inspired the name of Hidden Gem, as well as everything I do.  Gemma’s empathy, joy, and ability to play really should translate to adulthood.  My girls are the funniest, most amazing little girls I’ve ever met and I’m awed every day that they’re mine.  We welcomed Ella in June 2016 who is amazingly smart, a huge chunk with adorable thunder thighs, a mischievous, possibly evil little grin, and the perfect addition to our family.  My husband is the most patient, supportive guy, and I owe the success of this endeavor to his encouragement, motivation, and love.

I am so blessed and humbled to be doing something I love, and to have the amazing support of this community.  It’s safe to say, when we have a session, I not only want you to love your images, I want you to love the experience.  You’ll walk away with a story, a memory, and gorgeous imagery for your home.

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Studio Address: 455 E. Main  Warrensburg, Il 62573

E-mail: [email protected]