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First and foremost.  I’m a mom.  Well, I guess I should mention wife.  But he doesn’t cause me to go through caffeine withdraws.  The two little Lange’s cause copious amounts of caffeine intake.  Well.  Not copious.  But if I don’t have my minimum two cups of tea a day- you don’t want to talk to me.  I don’t want to talk to me when this happens- HA!

Luckily for everyone, Amazon Prime exists, and they send me monthly delivers straight from Bigelow Heaven.  Don’t be surprised if you see me sucking hot tea out of a straw those days.  Mmmmmm.

Back to the mom gig.  I have two gorgeous girls that keep me on my toes while desperately wishing for just an extra 20 minutes of sleep.  I’ve been married about nine years to Mr. Lange who almost keeps me on my toes, maybe more the balls of my feet.  But he also grounds me.  He’s my rock.  Nuff said.

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So if you’ve looked around, I know it’s a little confusing- am I a wedding photographer or newborn photographer?  Well, obviously both.  I love both.  Always have.  I like to think I’m the photog that grows with your family.  Getting married, call Jen!  Have a baby, call Jen!  Have another baby?  You get the picture.  There really aren’t much bigger events in your life!

The randoms: I like chocolate, caffeine (but can’t stand coffee, has to be tea), the country… and big cities haha.  If I end up 300 lbs one day its because I have a love hate relationship with the treadmill, and a love hate relationship with pizza.  I have a degree I will NEVER use in Equine Science, but really, how many people to you know went to college for horses?  So it bears mentioning, haha! I talk too much, probably cry too much too.  I have insanely curly hair that I’m still battling to figure out at 33 years old. I worry about things that absolutely, 100% without a doubt don’t matter.

But I’d like to think I live and love freely.  That at the end of the day, the connections I’ve made are what define me the next day and shape my life and the way I love.  Whether it be one of my kiddos, a client, a family member, or even a student (ask me about Katie Flynn that I taught piano 15 years ago that knocked me down a peg or two).  Every day is a learning adventure, I’m just here for the ride (but I prefer rides like the teacups or Dumbo.  I hate roller coasters).

So basically I revolve my life around the connections I make.  The connections are what need to be translated in the images you’ll be looking back at in 20 years.  Whether it be the biggest day of your life when you marry your best friend, or when your family grows by two hands, feet, and a heartbeat.  Love your life, love your images.  As long as that happens, we’ll call it a good day, right?

Anyways, I’ve rambled.  I warned you.  I talk too much.  Getting married, or having a baby, shoot me a message.  I’d love to capture you and yours.  With a 100% guarantee you’ll love your images, you have nothing to lose, amiright?

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Studio Address: 455 E. Main  Warrensburg, Il 62573

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