Our Story

Welcome!  I’m Jen. I’m momma to two little girls who are growing up entirely way too fast for comfort.  Last time I updated this particular page I was in the thick of raising itty bitty babies.  Sleep was hard to come by, days blurred into each other, and let’s face it- I survived on caffeine and prayer.

Whether in the country, or in a city, you’ll likely find me content.  I piece of my heart will always be in Chicago where I spent so much of my formative years, but this horse loving girls peace comes from more stars, less hustle and bustle, and sunset views… of cornfields.

If you’ve been around HGP at all, you know it’s my joy and passion to capture this chapter of your story.  Often, it’s a long awaited pregnancy and you are looking for this chapter to be photographed in a lifestyle, on location, or studio maternity session.

The only chapter faster than your maternity (even though I get it- some of those last months have 67 days to them) is the newborn chapter.  So beautiful, so special, so fleeting.  I want you to be able to always go back in time and remember how that little baby felt curled up on your chest, the *new baby* smell you were obsessed with, and all the little details that made your baby- yours.

From Chicago to St. Louis, I travel everywhere in between to capture your family and your story.  For more information, reach out or fill out our contact sheet below and I’ll reach out!

[email protected] | 708.638.9897