Newborn Photography


The relaxing, stress-free newborn session you and your family deserve to preserve one of the best chapters in your story. Our full service studio located just outside of Decatur, Il will feel like a (very warm) vacation. The whole reason I do newborn photography is because I've been where you are. More importantly, when I had my first daughter over six years ago I skimped on her newborn pictures and regretted it daily  I don’t have pictures of her fingers and curly toes, the flaky skin, her little milk bumps on her nose, or the little rolls she had as a newborn when she slept on me.  While I thought I would memorize those details, or put together a baby book, memories do fade I didn’t get to the baby book.  I’ll forever be missing those little details not captured with cell phone cameras as the weariness of a newborn combined with aches and pains of postpartum recover took its toll.


you receive a customized, boutique experience at HGP's studio just outside Decatur Il and...

The Details.

The little flakes of skin and milk bumps that fade faster than a full night of sleep.  Or the way that their lashes fan their cheeks.  All the things you think you'll never forget, but they'll be the things you miss the most.  


You've meticulously decorated your home.  You love your images, they deserve to be displayed on your walls.  We will handle everything from the ordering process even to the installation.

Preserving Memories

With a newborn session, you're preserving all of your favorite things about your newborn and holding onto memories that are priceless.  This brief chapter is one you'll never regret having photographed.

Feel at home

My studio is designed to feel at home.  To a warm, inviting, and bright space, to a cooler back room for parents to rest.  I have an assistant on hand (as your baby's safety is my priority) and your choice of beverage from Daily Brew waiting for you.  You'll never want to leave!

Customized Sessions

Every session is different from the next.  We have hundreds of backdrops, wraps, buckets, boxes, and tiebacks/headbands/bonnets for use for your newborn session.  You'll be able to choose from a huge variety of colors and textures to compliment your tastes and decor.

The Love

We want you to look back and remember how much your heart grew when you met your baby, and how amazing those first few weeks are despite the exhaustion that accompanies having a newborn.


We would love to get to know you and your family. If you are interested in pricing, setting up a design session, or want more information, please reach out to us below!

I only take a limited amount of newborn sessions a month, so please contact us at your earliest convenience. Most mama's retain us in the second trimester to ensure availability on our calendar.