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Hi Gorgeous!

I love that you’re here and considering a session.  To me, boudoir is a feeling only a woman can have.  It’s a certain confidence, a knowledge that no matter what size, shape, or color You. Are. Beautiful.

Both inside and out.

Just the way you are.

Yes, we’ll do your hair and makeup, yes, we’ll pose you (in fact, I’ll probably be showing you the poses myself as we go).  When you walk out of the studio, we want you to feel as fabulous.  You are your own worst critic, but when you leave our studio, we want you to truly feel as beautiful as you are and believe it as much as we do.

In case I haven’t chatted with you yet, I’d like to share how I do my boudoir sessions because everyone does them a little differently.  First of all- I include hair and makeup for every boudoir session.  I know these feel like they can be intimidating sessions (no one feels that way once we get started- they really are fun sessions) so I provide hair and makeup so you feel your absolute best going into the session.  Plus, it gives us a nice chance to chat before your session and relax in the studio environment.  Even if you keep your “look”  minimal- you have someone trained to give you their professional opinion and provide options.  The artists meet us at my studio so you’re looking and feeling as fresh as if you had just left the salon going right into your session.

The biggest objection I’ve heard is that you expect the session to be nerve racking.

I get it.

As a woman (and a mom, if we’re being frank), I understand the desire to feel beautiful, and it’s not always something that comes easily or naturally.  It’s not easy picturing a sexy boudoir session being as easy as a head shot, but it is.

The whole session is guided by me.  I’m adjusting everything throughout the session.

Which way you tilt your head,  how you rest your hands, which outfit will work best with the poses.  There will never be a time that you have to figure anything out on your own.  From the moment you place the retainer, to when I deliver your album HGP walks you through the whole process.

Once your retainer is paid, we’ll work to find a date that works for all parties involved, (you, me and the hair and makeup artists).

 For once, take it easy, and let someone else worry about how the session will go.  Sit back, relax, and let someone else take care of perfecting the already perfect you for your session.

My hope is that not only will you fall in love with your images, you’ll feel empowered as you leave your session.  That you feel like you rocked your session (EVERYONE to date has) and that you can do anything.

While many women do boudoir/glamour sessions for themselves, these are the perfect gifts for husbands/significant others.  Whether it’s bridal, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday, or anniversary, or a just because, we can incorporate yours and his favorite things.

My super private boudoir studio is located just outside of Decatur, Illinois in Warrensburg.

If you’d like to have more information, please contact me and let’s chat about your session!

 With love,