Hi Gorgeous!

I love that you're here and considering a session; boudoir is one of my favorite genres to photograph. They're fun, flirtatious, and well. Sexy!

They're not always the easiest session to book because of the intimate nature, desire to always look the best version of ourselves, and sometimes, it just comes down to time.

As women, we often put unrealistic expectations on ourselves, and society's standards don't help much. HGP's boudoir is here to take back your sense of YOU, and embrace the woman that you are. Not the version who believes she needs to lose 15 pounds, or wait until her next Botox appt to feel better about herself.

You love hard. You sacrifice for your family. Everyday, you may feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and under pressure to do it all.  Of all the things you love with every fiber of your being, you're not prominent on that list, and we're here to change that.

We're embracing the real you.  The beautiful woman who deserves the empowered feeling of boudoir.  Whose gives and sacrifices so much of her for the people around her. That woman is going to rock her session and LOVE her pictures.

All this to say- we see you.  We see the nerves.  It's not everyday you're posing half naked in front of someone you considered a stranger a month ago. I promise you- you'll love your session so much you'll be anxious to do another one.

Yep, you will be nervous, but there will be a shift during the session when you realize, your ARE doing this, and you. are. rocking. it. When you walk out of the studio, we want you to feel fabulous. You are your own worst critic, and when you leave our studio, we want you to truly feel as beautiful as you are and believe it as much as we do.

As a woman (and a mom, if we're being frank), I understand the desire to tap into all the gorgeous feels, and it's not always something that comes easily or naturally.  It's not easy picturing a sexy boudoir session being as easy as a head shot, but at the end of the day, it is.

There will never be a time that you have to figure anything out on your own.  From the moment you place the creative fee, to when I deliver your fabulous album, HGP walks you through the whole process.

Once your creative fee is paid, we'll work to find a date that works for all parties involved, (you, me and the hair and makeup artists).

My hope is that not only will you fall in love with your images and experience, you'll feel empowered as you leave your session.  You will feel like rocked your session (EVERYONE to date has) and that you can do anything.

While many women do boudoir/glamour sessions for themselves, these are the perfect gifts for husbands/significant others.  Whether it's bridal, Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday, or anniversary, or a just because, we can incorporate yours and his favorite things.

My boudoir studio is located in Decatur, Illinois.

If you'd like to have more information, please contact me and let's chat about your session!

 With love & (gorgeous) light,