Newborn Session with two older brothers

My mom has a portrait she and two older brothers had taken for my grandparents. At this point, it's probably almost 50 years old. My grandparents and one of my uncles are no longer with us, but I imagine how much my grandparents loved that picture. I don't know what we'll do with the physical picture when my mom no longer has it hanging in her home. It's been in the same place for 30 years, and I imagine it hung elsewhere for 20 years before that.

Newborn session with two older brothers? Yes, please!

With that said, I tend to really love a trio of siblings. Especially when the baby girl is the baby for her newborn session with two big brothers. My mom is the baby with two older brothers. So whenever that dynamic comes across my studio, I really love photographing them at this age.

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Fall family session at Allerton Park

Ashley first got ahold of me unsure if we’d be able to get a fall family session at Allerton Park. Midwest falls can turn on us pretty quickly- as we all know! Luckily, she had a really clear vision for how she wanted her family session to look. We managed to pull everything together in a matter of days for their fall family portraits at Allerton Park in Monticello, Il. Fortunately, fall was kind to us this year and we had amazing temperatures for our session and Ashley had pretty much every clothing item on hand- most from Brass Horn and Brass Horn Too here in Decatur, Il.

After our design meeting I had driven the whole park  looking for a specific location that had Edison bulbs. I was there specifically to scout my lighting, but came up empty. I found an area that would work for family pictures but no gorgeous Edison bulbs.

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A family of four session at River Ranch in Decatur, Il

A family of four session at River Ranch in Decatur, Il

I’ve known this family for a few years since I did Hannah’s lifestyle maternity session and Haddie’s studio newborn session. Since then, they’ve added another little guy to the mix. So even though Hannah got ahold of me for a different reason, we go a family of four session at River Ranch in Decatur, Il squeezed in for them. If you haven't- check out why I think maternity sessions are a must!

If you haven’t met me yet- I’m a horse girl through and through. I’m lucky enough to have an amazing home barn that has a gorgeous, private property to use for my outdoor sessions. So there may be a mini barn tour AND mini donkey to visit- we’re currently 50/50 whether kids are amazed, or totally overwhelmed by how big our amazing horses are!

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A Decatur Illinois newborn session with two big sisters

I was so excited to capture the littlest sister in this girl gang. Fia has two older sisters that could not have been more adorable and loving on their newest sibling. I think they may have been the first kiddos that I used the bed setup on. Even though they weren’t entirely sure of the crazy lady behind the camera, they’d already met me and knew we’d have at least a little bit of fun together!

We did their session(s) right around spring, and mom really loved yellow so I ran by my favorite florist who is always so good to me. They just bring me back to the cooloer and I get to pick my favorite blooms that I think will work best for my session.

One thing about newborn sessions and Hidden Gem Photography. Babies have their own little opinions.

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Four reasons why you should do a maternity session

I've put a lot of thought into this blog post and whether or not I should actually share this one.  Mostly because you're going to have to practice what I preach, not what I do.  Because you're looking at a two time momma and photographer who didn't do a maternity session.   One of my biggest regrets as a mom who is now embracing the body that grew my babies is not having enough pictures.  No maternity pictures (even selfies at home), and I did Gemma's newborn session myself.  I missed out on some really special moments that I can't get back.

Mommas, celebrate this short chapter in your story.

I know this is soooo easy for me to say.  Short chapter.  Laughable.

No matter when you find out you're pregnant, that due date feels like years away.  At the beginning it's because you're so excited to meet your little one and actually BE pregnant, and at the end, it's because you're over being pregnant and anxious to meet your little one.  

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