When to book your newborn photographer | Springfield, Il Photographer

When should I book?  I hear it often.  For many, and I truly mean MANY moms, the idea of a newborn photographer doesn't occur until after your newborn is in your arms.  I get it- I truly do.  However, I want to discuss when to book your newborn photographer.

There are plenty of factors in determining the best fit for you and your family.  Would you prefer to go to an in home studio, commercial space, have them come to you for a newborn lifestyle session or Fresh 48 (which are obviously not a go right now under the current conditions).  Do you want contrasty, earthy tones or "light and airy?"

Booking a newborn photographer is a personal decision.  One that will (what I hope) will be more than just a one time decision with HGP.  With my newborn clients, I always look forward to future sessions.

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Summer Family Sessions

For years now I've been telling my best photographer friend that I live for pretty light.  When do you have prettier light than during summer family sessions?!  I literally just told someone today that I get why ya'll love fall sessions- I really do- but I LOVE light.  I live for light.  Everywhere I go, I'm looking at the light and dreaming of photographing you gorgeous people in summer light.  Our road trips around Central Illinois revolve around looking for light.

I wish I were kidding.

So I did what I do.  I looked for the light and love the results (so much so, I can't wait for my own session).  My cousin hasn't updated her family pictures in awhile.  So we waited.  And waited.  And waited some more for the right time.  The right light.  I'm not kidding when I say we probably waited months for the right Tuesday to appear.

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The Older Newborn

The older newborn.

Babes older than a months but less than two months.

You survived having a newborn during a pandemic.  You seriously deserve a medal, momma.

Yes, I may not be able to do as many curly poses.  Or sometimes, we will...

Yes, more patience and time may be required, and that's absolutely fine!

Yes, you should absolutely consider getting this little chapter of your lives photographed.  The one that says I survived social distancing with a newborn.  Covid-19 took so much joy from this period of your lives and we're about to infuse a bunch back into it.

May 29th.  That's the day I can legally open.  HGP will still have some self-imposed restrictions to ensure the peace of mind of everyone, but in just five days, we're good to go.

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A different view of labor & delivery

I had my babies 7 and almost 4 years ago. With Covid-19, there are tons of new policies in place that I’ll never know the extent of, but I was encouraged to share my perspective since it can differ than the norm, and what was typically allowed.

When Gemma was born, she was my first, and honestly, I was terrified.  Like, how bout some adoption papers, because there’s no way I’m ready to actually be a mom yet.

Obviously, I overcame those feelings… most days.

Gemma didn’t arrive when she supposed to.  Or the next day, or the day after that.  So when we scheduled the induction date, we needed a different plan.

The entire pregnancy I was adamant I wanted my husband and I in the room.  That’s it.  I’d call my family when babe arrived.  My in-laws could come over when we got home, but I wanted a simple room of staff and Dan.

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Studio Maternity Session | Decatur, Il Maternity Photographer

The longer I've been a photographer, the more I've honed in more and more on photographing babies.  I just love all things having to do with babies.  Obviously the newborn sessions through the first year, but maternity sessions as well.  I recently had a dream about a marketing project I was working on and had a glimpse of a studio maternity session.  I also decided I may be working too much if I'm dreaming about marketing.  Seriously.

Anyways,  I decided I wanted to build up my maternity portfolio.  For most, this means doing an outdoor session.  Since my dream came at a really inconvenient time (end of December) I decided to try my hand at sticking indoors for a studio maternity session and I. Am. In. Love.

I had a few ideas in mind, so of course that means I needed to go shopping!  I love having a growing client closet for maternity sessions- which means if we have enough time between when you have booked and your session takes place, I'll absolutely source gowns, sweaters, flower crowns, etc for your session.

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