Three things you need to bring to your newborn session

Yay!  Your baby is here, we've already planned your session, and you're leaving the house within 24 hours to come to my toast session.  Now, if you're a client of mine, you've also received an e-mail about how to prep for the session, but lots of people I know like to plan- so here's the three things you need to bring to your newborn session.

  1. You.  Obviously.  You're pretty important to babe.  Some dads come.  Some dads are back to work already.  Some dads are sleeping (which you can do at the studio as well- I won't be offended.  Lastly, some dads are home with the older siblings.  In addition, come as you are- there will be plenty of time to get yourselves ready for the family portion while I photograph your baby.
  2. Baby.  Again- SO OBVIOUS.  I really, really need a baby to come with you to do the session we've discussed!
  3. Nutrition.  Whether it's at the breast, pumped milk, formula- it needs to come with, and enough to give baby and extra meal or two if necessary during the session.  You may laugh when I say my assistant and I bicker over who gets to feed babe if it's by bottle, but it's true.  We're here for allll the baby snuggles.

That's it.  Just three things.

Check out this link HERE, for info on when you should book your newborn session.

baby boy one wood bed surrounded with greenery on handmade wooden log bed baby boy with lots of hair on head on hands on white backdrop baby boy in froggie pose on white backdrop baby boy on white shiplap in white bucket Family on four on mocha backdrop 19 month sister holding baby brother on cream float big sister and baby brother backlit on white crib baby boy with dark hair on gray backdrop baby boy in egg wrap on green backdrop mom snuggled up with baby boy Dad snuggling baby boy

Now, it's story time.

Picture day- no matter how well it's planned out is stressful, I get it.

(If you'd like to know more on what to expect, this blog post explains SO much of the process!)  Take me there!

I recently had a session for a repeat client who knows the drill, my process, and overall what to expect.  So when we got underway and babe needed just a little bit more milk, I asked Alicia to put a diaper on him and that's when mom realized that her entire list didn't make it into the studio with her.

The diaper bag.  The one thing every mom carries like her life depends on it for the first six months.  In the chaos of getting settled into the studio, Dad left to go home to be with baby's sister and none of us noticed that the diaper bag was still in the car.

However, the beauty of HGP is that the list above is truly the extent of what you need.  I have everything else at the studio, and we really put that to test that day.  Luckily, I've been doing this long enough that we were totally prepared and didn't miss the bag at all.  I joke all the time with new parents when they're booking me that they literally only need to bring baby and milk.  I finally put my money where my mouth is and proved this true!

So momma, I know there will be a lot on your plate when you bring a baby home and a few days later turn around to come to a newborn session with me.  Rest assured, I've done everything in my power to make this process as easy as possible- including supplying everything you'd pack in the diaper bag!

A collage of baby Jack newborn session

Three things you need to bring to your newborn session

  1. You
  2. Baby
  3. Milk

Easy peasy ladies- you've got this!