HGP Photographer’s Assistant

Introducing... Lindsey!   Well sort of introducing.   Introducing a leg... and an arm of Lindsey.   But there is a point.   Lindsey is behind the scenes at HGP (if you watch the live video on Facebook she's in the background playing with big sis) and she's my other half at my newborn sessions.   She's forever finding my camera for me, giving me choices for beans because I never know which size I truly want, moving lighting equipment, changing out backdrops, playing with older siblings, snuggling babes, keeping me hydrated, CLEANING UP AFTER SESSION (you have no idea how significant that help is) etc.   Her primary job however is keeping your baby safe. Above all else, she's always alert and ready in case those little buggers discover head control or try to froggy out of a pose.   That's exactly what she's doing below. She's within reach of your baby at all times when I'm shooting.  
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The Baby Whisperer, Decatur Il

I'm frequently called the baby whisperer.  Frankly, anyone who enjoys success in the field of newborn photography will be called this at some point in their career.  I have spent a great deal of time and money ensuring not only your baby's safety, but cooperation and sleepiness! ;)  Below are my favorites little tips and tricks for your sessions, many of which can be carried over to when you're home without the baby whisperer.

This happens in a variety of ways. First of all- we keep it super warm in the studio- you're baby will be naked for the most part after all.  Once they're swaddled, we turn the heat off.  With that said, your house should be kept around 68-70 degrees.  They say babes should be clothed in only one additional later to what you're wearing.

Secondly- white noise.  You can go a few different routes here, but usually something is needed. 

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Out like a lion… 2018

Well. 2018 kind of went out like a lion.  They say out like a lion, in light a lamb, right?   A good chunk of the year felt like the Lange's were fighting to metaphorically survive the next day, the week, the month.   2018 was the year we FINALLY got Ella sleeping (although it still takes her two hours to fall asleep- I'll give a free session to whomever can tell me why and how to fix it) and this momma finally got to start sleeping more as well. I. Felt. Amazing.   Gemma started kindergarten the same month my husband also went back to school while launching his own fishing guide business. New schedules, new routines, new struggles, new accomplishments.   Every day I woke up and something had changed, half the time something had broken, but hey- that's life with home ownership, life with kids, dog, cars, small business, etc, right? 
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The Why

This post may feel a bit redundant, but I wanted to have an actual blog post live about it because it was probably one of my favorite Facebook posts I've ever made.

My why.

Why am I a newborn photographer?

I do this because I've been there.  And I can't tell you how much I regret NOT investing in a session for my oldest.

I've been through the adrenaline rush you feel once you're holding your newborn after nine long months of pregnancy....

And then the baby blues that hit.

Then your baby starts waking up more, and while you love seeing their peepers, it means the nights are longer, and sleep is harder to come by.

One day their milk bumps fade.  You don't realize it though.

The next they're holding their heads up watching the world. 

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Limited Edition Santa Sessions are LIVE!

We’re thrilled over at HGP that Santa will be in the studio November 17th this year starting at 9 am.  Santa is working hard on making this an even better experience for the kids this year!

EDIT: Santa is coming back to town December 15th!


Santa wasn't available to be here for the pictures for the blog post, so Ella filled in- begrudgingly.  We're going for a simple backdrop this year.  We had a lot of elements last year that the kids found, let's say distracting, haha!  Plus, she's two, so I'm going out on a limb and say she won't appreciate Santa this year.  The setup is simple, clean, and elegant.  Dress your kids in pops of color, or bring them in Christmas pajamas, either will work!

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