Family Photography in Decatur, Il

Simple. Authentic. Bliss.

Your deserve beautiful photography. You need to be in the pictures. You'll get authentic interactions, simple and sweet moments, and experience love and bliss with your family.

Every story HGP photographs is as unique as it is beautiful.  This chapter you're currently in may be one where you just got all kiddos out of diapers and discovered new freedoms and disappointing limitations (like needing to utilize every public bathroom).  You may have just welcomed a babe, or are have kiddos learning to read and ride bikes without training wheels.  Maybe you have pre-teens, or are looking at colleges.  Regardless of where you are in your story, you know that the previous chapter went way too fast.  NOW is the time to relish the joy of family, feel the love, and get in front of the camera for your family session.

Whether you want to remember how your two year old still barely fit under your chin or a rare glimpse of the teenagers getting along because it'll make mom happy, there is no bad time to schedule a session (well, except for something like a polar vortex).  I want you to feel when you look at the images I deliver both now and in 10 or 20 years.

We will chat before hand if there are specific moments you'd like to capture.  HGP will help with guidelines for what to wear.  However we can make this an enjoyable, stress free experience, we will.  Read on below for the family photography sessions we offer.


The raw moments that take place in the comfort of your home.  Sessions are two to three hours long as I capture those little authentic moments from the background that make up your family.   We’re capturing your organic interactions with your family.  The cookies you bake and together, finishing a puzzle, kids wrestling, blowing bubbles, reading books.  All of the moments that are seemingly simple are ones you will long for when babies, toddlers, little kids, and then big kids grow into the next stage.  Lifestyle sessions give you memories to forever hold onto and share for decades to come.  Your grand kids will have a glimpse of the life you built with their parents and the joy that everyone shared.  It'll be one of your favorite moments because it was real and you had a photographer there to capture it.


With a combination of candid, lifestyle images and posed, more formal images, there will be love, laughter, and fun throughout the entire session.  Takes place at our studio or an agreed upon outdoor location (I have a list of curated locations).  Sessions take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half to give your kiddos time to warm up to me and leave plenty of time for natural smiles, soft and sweet moments, and plenty of JOY.   Plan on lots of laughter and giggles while we have fun playing and creating genuine joyful interactions.  While I don't want to sit here and get TOO technical- besides interactions and fun, I look for the LIGHT!  Plan on your photographer looking a little nutty while I strive for the best light!  Sessions can include outfit changes and multiple locations for ultimate variety in your gallery.

When was the last time you had family pictures?  When was the last time you had family pictures you love? That you look at the pictures and remembered a fabulous experience to accompany the pictures.

Coming from a mom you waited FIVE YEARS for a good family picture, I've grown to love whatever stage my kiddos are in and embrace the weird.  Literally, I spent years doing face and body swaps to get a normal picture of the kids.  Turns out we're not normal, but who is?

Anyways, I know family pictures are bittersweet in a sense.  You know you want them, but you're not sure you can stomach convincing the spouse, what you'll actually look good in, dressing the family, and kids.  Kids who are unpredictable, ornery, and can sense when you really, really, want something.  Like family pictures.  I refer to the meltdown that occurs as batshit crazy.  One of my long time clients recently described it best though: they go kung fu panda.

Lady, I understand the stress.  Yet, I want to photograph you and your kids, and I'm not one bit worried about how kids behave and if we'll get pictures you'll love.  I guarantee it, or we meet again.  Good, bad, bruised (because it happens before pictures. Every. Time) I look forward to every session.  I know besides selfies you don't exist in pictures enough.  I want you to love the process: the initial consultation, the what to wear guide and prep guide, delivery of your gallery (print release included) and the gorgeous products we offer as add on's.