Family Photography in Decatur, Il

Simple. Authentic. Bliss.

Telling the story of your family, one sweet picture at a time.

Every story HGP photographs is as unique as it is beautiful.  This chapter you're currently in may be one where you just got all kiddos out of diapers and discovered new freedoms and disappointing limitations (like needing to utilize every public bathroom).  You may have just welcomed a babe, or are have kiddos learning to read and ride bikes without training wheels.  Maybe you have pre-teens, or are looking at colleges.

Regardless of where you are in your story, you know that the previous chapter went way too fast.  NOW is the time to relish the joy of family, feel the love, and get in front of the camera for your family session.

Whether you want to remember how your two year old still barely fit under your chin or a rare glimpse of the teenagers getting along because it'll make mom happy, there is no bad time to schedule a session.

We will chat before hand if there are specific moments you'd like to capture.  HGP will help with guidelines for what to wear.  However we can make this an enjoyable, stress free experience, we will.  Reach out to start to conversation!

When was the last time you had family pictures?  When was the last time you had family pictures you love? 

Let's chat about how we're going to get you the pictures you'll love.

It'll start with designing the session together.  I'll come to you and we'll pick out everyone's wardrobe together.  All the guesswork of what to wear will be taken care of in a single day.  You may need to pick up a few things to complete looks, but we'll have everything ready to go otherwise.

I know family pictures are bittersweet in a sense.  You know you want them, but it can be pretty overwhelming figuring out what everyone will wear, and then... there's the actual session.  Kids can be unpredictable, ornery, and can sense when you really, really, want something.

Lady, I understand the stress.  Yet, I want to photograph you and your kids, and I'm not one bit worried about how kids behave and if we'll get pictures you'll love.  I guarantee you love them, or we meet again.  Good, bad, bruised, (because it happens before pictures. Every. Single. Time) I look forward to every session.  I know besides selfies you don't exist in pictures enough, and I whole heartedly want to change that.

Between the design meeting, a stress-free session, and a reveal in the comfort of your own home, it'll be no time at all before we have gorgeous art work on your walls that you'll, enjoy for plenty of years to come!