Limited Edition Santa Sessions are LIVE!

We’re thrilled over at HGP that Santa will be in the studio November 17th this year starting at 9 am.  Santa is working hard on making this an even better experience for the kids this year!

EDIT: Santa is coming back to town December 15th!


Santa wasn't available to be here for the pictures for the blog post, so Ella filled in- begrudgingly.  We're going for a simple backdrop this year.  We had a lot of elements last year that the kids found, let's say distracting, haha!  Plus, she's two, so I'm going out on a limb and say she won't appreciate Santa this year.  The setup is simple, clean, and elegant.  Dress your kids in pops of color, or bring them in Christmas pajamas, either will work!

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Shawn’s Senior Session ~ Warrensburg Latham Senior

I don't often do senior sessions.  There's no real reason why, I've just always focused on newborns and weddings, and I'm not sure why because seniors are SO FUN.  Or maybe it's just the seniors and their parents that commission me.  I've known Shawn for about four years now, so to think he's looking at colleges and driving himself around and looking like the sharpest senior I've ever known.  Well, it blows my mind.

To say I was excited for his session is an understatement because I knew I was guaranteed to have the best dressed senior ever.  He works at BrassHorn Too,  and he did not disappoint with everything he brought.  We had a great evening downtown trying a few new spots and then went out to my favorite location for some more fall-ish nature images and ended the night at a neighbors pond where Shawn fishes. 

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Alex & Jenn Scovill House Wedding

I have loved watching the Grove family grow.  I consider myself a part of their lives for two years now.  From maternity pictures that we snuck in just before Franklin made his arrival to his newborn session and a three, six, nine, one year session, family mini/engagement, and now their nuptials.  When I count my blessings I count Jenn & Alex for contacting me all that time ago and trusting me with some of their most precious memories.  In fact, I walked into their house and it took my breath away because all of their beautiful images were in collages all over their living room.  Every wall seemingly had a piece of my art displayed.  It was so cool seeing years of imagery as their family grew.

But this isn't what this post is about.  This is about Alex, Jenn, and Franklin and the love that this little family shares. 

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Summer 2018

Summer 2018 is on its way out the door.  These cooler temps these past few days have actually gotten me excited for fall.  While I love fall, the season following is not my favorite.  Mostly because I can be cold is 80 degree weather.  Not joking.  I'm currently in a light hoodie and under a heated blanket, and it's 75 degrees outside today haha.

Anyways, if you're here, you saw a blog post or actually clicked on the link in my e-mail that went out (thank you for that).  So onto an update with HGP.

Summer has been amazing.  The girls and I did far more this summer than we did last- mostly because Ella didn't have to be held to such a strict sleep schedule.  But that lent to me getting behind every so often, which is not a fabulous way to going into the busiest season of the year. 

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Grant Newborn Session Decatur Illinois

There isn't a single part of newborn photography that I don't love.  Yes, I get peed and pooped on, but I'd be in the wrong career if it bothered me.

But my favorite part?  Chunky babies with chubby cheeks (I'll share Ella's newborn pictures one day and you'll see why).  There's a special place in my heart for chunky babies with rolls on top of rolls and the sweetest cheeks.  To top it off, Grant had a mass of black hair that I just swooned over.  His little features were just too cute to not photograph, so I spent plenty of time capturing every piece of him since he snoozed his whole session after the first 10 minutes.

I was looking forward to Grant's session as soon as his mom sent back my questionnaire.  She sent pictures of the nursery with gorgeous blues and greens, but was also up for pretty neutrals with grays and taupes. 

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