Newborn Session with Big Brother

Newborn session with big brother

Haylee and Christopher had two baby boys in the span of the pandemic.  As with most pandemic babies, William took some time to warm up to me.  Turns out, I didn’t need to work nearly as hard as I ultimately did- he simply just needed time to hang out.  Haylee was really looking forward to this newborn session with big brother Ben, and I'm thrilled with their final gallery!

At every session, I always welcome pictures of big siblings.  Ok, let me say, I WANT you to have pictures of your babies together- it's personally some of my favorite pictures of my kids.  I also want you to have family pictures too- but that's for another whole blog post!

Anyways, I typically will try to time your session so older siblings (regardless of age) aren’t hanging around the studio for hours, because who wants to keep a toddler content for hours in a really warm, white noise filled space. Turns out, I should’ve had William come WAY earlier if I wanted to grab alllll of the precious smiles he eventually shared with us.

Once he got used to me, he was positively a ham.  I couldn’t stop the smiles if I tried.  In fact, we ended up setting up his portion of the session twice so I could get smiling pictures of him.  The first set we got a lot of personality, but since I had been at their design meeting, I knew there was a fabulous smiling hiding behind the cautious façade, and we definitely got them.  Mom couldn't pass up the one of William positively exasperated with me.  I mean, he wasn't rolling his eyes, but I feel like that was the sentiment.  Do you agree?

18 month old boy smiling at camera 19 month old boy exasperated with photographer, leaning on prop 18 month old boy sitting on log bed smiling

Ultimately, we got wonderful smiles!  But we’re here for Benjamin’s session too!  Little brother was so chill that we got a huge gallery for his mommy and daddy to choose favorites.  Because I had been to their house, I had a good idea of certain setups I wanted to have for them that would look amazing on their walls.  We have two sets of collages that I can't wait to share once they're installed!

Every session I have a favorite picture.  It didn’t take long for Alicia and I to realize that Ben had the BEST chin dimple.  I don’t know if I’ve seen one so pronounced before on a baby- but I knew I needed to photograph it.  Just on the off chance he’ll grow out of it; I’m so excited we got the most perfect image of the chin dimple. (Plus, are those pursed lips deserved to be shared too)!

backlit picture of newborns chin dimple

Because of our thorough planning, we got through the entire workflow plus some.  Ben was fairly chunky and content, so we got adorable rolls, awake pictures, and everything in between.  It was a rather gloomy day so I tried a new technique for backlighting family and I am over the moon with them!

collage of backlit family pictures backlit family picture with mom holding baby and big brother on dads lap two pictures, one each of a parent looking at baby backlit

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Newborn session with big brother

baby boy in gray potato sack in wood prop baby boy in tan egg wrap baby boy in metal bucket on shiplap baby boy on green backdrop doing tummy time pose with rolls baby boy on gray backdrop with his hand on his stacked hands dad holding baby boy curled up on black backdrop mom dad look at camera while he holds glaring 18 month old son and she holds newborn boy log bed with newborn boy in white knit onesie 18 month old brother scowling at awake baby brother on backlit crib baby boy wrapped in white and looking at camera side by side of baby boy in prop and wrapped up in potato sack macro shot of clenched baby hand dad kissing mom while he holds 18 month old son and she holds newborn boy baby boy yawning wrapped in white on white backdrop side by side of siblings on white shiplap backdrop baby boy in taco pose on green backdrop baby boy looking at camera on tan backdrop macro shot of baby boy eyelashes side by side of baby boy on gray backdrop doing head on hands for one pose and froggie in another candid shot of baby boy on white backdrop