Mt Zion Lifestyle Session

Mt Zion Lifestyle Session

I've been fortunate enough to know Tara for many years.  She was a resident of mine back from my property management days (which was almost a full 10 YEARS ago- where does time go)?  When she got engaged, I was already actively shooting weddings; she didn't even shop around- she booked me.  We did her engagement session at Rock Springs when I was 23 months pregnant (ok, not really but it felt like it), her studio maternity lifestyle session, and now her lifestyle session.  When she said her house was designed for a lifestyle session, she wasn't kidding!

Mom and dad with newborn on couch kissing

(Peep the wedding picture above them)

As you know- I’m terrible at blogging, so much so that the previous blog post I was working on before getting distracted was their maternity session haha!  So.  Maternity lifestyle session to come soon!

Anyways, their house is impeccable.  I want to mention you don’t have to have a designer house to have a lifestyle session in your home.  No matter what home I’m coming into, I’ll be re-arranging furniture, moving stuff around, and choosing the best and most complimentary light for your session.

Mom and dad snuggling on couch with baby

For Matt and Tara’s session we stuck with their living room, master bedroom, and nursery which were all positively gorgeous.  They have tons of light pouring in from everywhere; I’m quite jealous of how much pretty light they have in their house.

Cooper is an itty bitty thing because he needed to come a few weeks early.  Typically I wait a bit closer to the actual due date, but I’m also conscious of paternity leaves only lasting so long.  Luckily, Matt is pretty familiar with my brand of crazy and was more than willing to participate however I asked despite the usual case of newborn baby induced sleep deprivation.

As an aside- their album is featured in three local OB offices in the area- I hope you enjoy flipping through it whenever you may be visiting your doc. In the meantime- if you need a cute baby fix, check out our newborn gallery HERE.

Mt Zion Lifestyle Session

mom on couch feeding baby Pull back of mom and dad on couch with baby Overhead view of mom and dad hissing while holding baby Mom and dad snuggling on couch with baby awake baby looking at mom Mom and dad with newborn on couch kissing Mom and dad holding baby together smiling at camera baby's back to dad's chest with dad looking at baby backlit picture of baby feet on moms chest Baby between mom and dad who are looking at each other backlit macro of baby lips dad leaning over to his baby's forehead mom laying on bed with baby mom holding baby mom rocking baby in nursery pull back of dad holding baby on bed dad holding baby on bed dad rocking baby in nursery mom and dad looking at each other with baby in between them on bed mom and dad curled up on bed together with baby side view of baby in crib baby wrapped in white wrap on white crib sheet