The Kiebs Family ~Decatur, Il Family Photographer~

This was the first family to book me through the new site, so I was super excited that the website was doing some of the work it was supposed to do.  These girls could not be cuter, and mom had everyone so well coordinated.  I'm in love with their style for the day.  Here's a link to the gallery of the days' images.  I hope you all are bringing the fur family if you have them at home!  They are always welcome!

The day started perfect albeit cloudy.  Fortunately, the girls were fabulous at taking pictures, so we flew through the first location.  Look at how perfect this family photographs!

Towards the end of the session, we got rained out, but still pushed through to get a few more.  You can actually see the rain in a few of the pics! 

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The McIntrye Family (and a 1 year session)! ~Family Photographer, Milestone Photography, 1st Birthday session~

The McIntrye's first called about Aiden's first birthday session and quickly decided they wanted to add a family session to the day.  We were a little nervous because a few days before our Saturday session they predicted rain for the WHOLE weekend.  Luckily, we had a gorgeous morning to work with.  Aiden was really curious about what was going on, so we didn't get a ton of smiles at first, but he was more than happy to share once we got back to the studio for his one year sessions.  But look at that gorgeous tree this fall is producing; makes for gorgeous family pictures!  Check out their gallery with the rest of the images!

This little guy is super picky when it comes to foods he'll eat.  Mom and I decided that it would be best to skip the cake smash. 

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Shawn & Jessica ~Engagement photography, Wedding photography, Decatur, Il~

Where do I start with Jess & Shawn?  I have to say that engagement sessions are one of my favorite types of photography.  The couples are so in love, and always willing to do pretty much whatever I ask.  Since we're in Rock Springs, we didn't have too many crazy things to do, but we still had a good time.  Shawn feels like he doesn't fake smiles well, so he literally changed his smile with every click of my shutter.  It made for a fun session.  He definitely kept me on my toes!


All taken within a minute!

Before I go any further, I have to introduce the newest member of their family, Blake.  He's six months old, and not stingy with his smiles.  Luckily Grandma came with to get him looking at my direction with his smiles.

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The Harder Family ~Decatur, Il Family Photographer~

Have you heard of Lillybug Creations?  If you follow my Facebook  page or hers, you've seen some of her hair bows in action.  Owner, Michelle asked me about a month ago if I was available this past Saturday.  Her oldest daughter, Mallory was going to be home from school for the weekend, and the stars were aligning to get family pictures.  She was excited because it had been 14 YEARS since they had a family picture taken.  Needless to say I was honored she asked me, and looked forward to photographing Michelle and the rest of the Harder family.   Here's the gallery from the session on Saturday.

This session was a blast.  Clearly, the girls were happy to be back together, even if just for a weekend.  It made me miss my sister even though she's only 2 hours away. 

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White Family Photos ~Family Photographer, Decatur, Il~

I met up with the White family in Forsyth park. They have an almost two year old son, Silas, who is too adorable for words. Even though we planned their session on pretty short notice, Alicia had their outfits selected and they were perfect!  Check out their gallery to see how awesome they were!


It’s been a few weeks since I had a family session. I seemed to have a lot of milestone & birthday sessions lately. This was my first family session with my new camera, and I fell in love with it even more. But back to the family. We had a gorgeous evening, awesome light, and Silas was a ham for the camera. A few tickles of his tummy, and we had some amazing family pictures.


As with every two year old, staring at a camera and smiling for more than a minute at a time isn’t easy, so we looked at the creek, had Daddy throw him in the air, and gave mommy hugs and kisses.

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