Christmas Mini’s! ~Decatur, Il Photographer~

I’m a liiiitle behind the game with my Christmas Mini’s.  I’m actually doing Pet mini’s with Decatur Animal Clinic next weekend, so I’ve been working hard on those!  I’ll be at Decatur Animal Clinic on Friday the 22nd & Saturday the 23rd.  E-mail me for your time slot- there’s still a few available!

Anyways, I decided to go with a milk & cookies theme this year, inspired by my own little cookie monster.  You can dress up your kiddos in Christmas outfits, or snuggle them in their PJ’s.  Excuse the cookie monster featured that refused to smile for the ad.  She’s figured out that if she sits real still in this one spot- she gets a cookie.  And let’s face it- the picture works waaay better with a sitting toddler eating a cookie than no kiddo at all.  Even a non-smiling toddler (but let’s face it- still adorable!)!  Needless to say, I find her often sitting in the studio on her own- waiting for a cookie, or playing with the darn ornaments.

Christmas Mini

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask… if you’re looking for something in addition to a Christmas mini, check out the investment page, or contact me directly! I’ll discount sessions that combine the Christmas Mini with another in studio same day session.

I hope your holidays are as awesome as the cookie my child is eating in the picture above (which are pretty darn good, I couldn’t resist!)