Session Information

For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you – Andrew McMahon

HGP offers a variety of sessions at every chapter.  Let’s chat if you’re unsure which will work best for you, or how to combine different styles for you unique session.

All of our sessions start with a quick phone call so you can fill me in on everything you’re looking for from your session.  Our design meetings will help you figure out clothing for the entire family, any hair and makeup we need to go over, any and all prep you and your family can do to minimize day of stressors, and discuss your wall art options.  This is our favorite step in the process and best enables us to help tell the story the way you see it.  Yes, the magic happens in the next step, but this is the outline we work off of!

The length of any session will depend on the type of session.  We offer maternity, newborns, both lifestyle and studio, family sessions and more.  Newborns can be anywhere from 1.5 to three hours while maternity and family sessions can be from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.  I want to stress- I don’t put time limits on sessions.  Time limits stress parents and kids alike- so I’ve eliminated them from my workflow.

After your session comes everyone’s favorite part- the reveal!  We’ll sit down and go through your favorites, coordinate them to your favorite products.  I’ll come prepared to show you gorgeous mock ups so there’s no guess work when picking out which pictures go where and what sizes best compliment your space.

After your order is finalized, I finish all of my editing and send your order to print.  Once it arrives, I hand deliver and install all of your artwork!

If you’re looking for newborn information, check out this link HERE.  For families, follow this LINK, and if you’re interested in seniors, boudoir, or intimate weddings, please contact us!