Cruz’s 6 month session ~Children’s Photographer, Milestone photography, Decatur, Il~

Cruz made my day Monday!  He started off pretty serious, but let loose on those smiles after a bit.  Mom brought the cutest outfit for him, and even had moccasins!

Cruz6month (1 of 1)-11

As everyone should know by know, I love simple setups.  Even more than simple setups, I love naked babies!

    Cruz6month (1 of 1)-9 Cruz6month (1 of 1)-17Cruz6month (1 of 1)-5

Milestone photography is one of my favorite aspects of my photography business.  I love seeing these babies come to me, and see their personalities develop over the year.  Six months is particularly fun because they are close to sitting up on their own (sometimes already there), smiling when smiled at, still pretty immobile, and able to use a variety of props.  Make sure you head over to see Cruz’s gallery!

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