Chloe’s 6 month session ~Decatur, Il Photographer, Christmas Mini session, Children Photographer~

Where is the time going?!  I’ve had Chloe coming to see me since she was a newborn, and it feels like it was last week.  But alas, little miss is already 6 months, and such a character.  It was so fun to see some of the same expressions and mannerisms she had at her three month session.  Check out her latest gallery, as well as her three month gallery!Chloe6month (1 of 1)-6

Since it’s so close to Christmas, Mindy brought Chloe’s PJ’s and Christmas dress and we took advantage of my Milk & Cookie’s setup.  Chloe is just on the verge of sitting up, so as everyone knows, I preach safety first.  I don’t care if we have the best smile of the day if its while a babe is tipping forward- Mom or Dad staying close is a must until they’re sitting up fully on their own.  Therefore, I had to crop a little more than usual, but the Christmas pictures are adorable.

Chloe6month (1 of 1)-2     I know its been done over and over, but I can’t resist a baby and Christmas lights.  They’re just such cute moments when the babes realize they have lights in front of them to play with… until they try to eat them, which happens EVERY time!Chloe6month (1 of 1)-7

As with most babes… we had to take a break and let Chloe have a snack.  How is it possible that she is old enough to hold her own bottle!  In fact, anyone holding the bottle for Chloe isn’t an option, she wants nothing to do with help.Chloe6month (1 of 1)-8

 We are also using one of my homemade buckets for each session of Chloe’s to see how she grows throughout the year.  Can’t wait for her 9 month session!

Chloe6month (1 of 1)-9

And this ladies & gentlemen, is how you know when to call the session!

Chloe6month (1 of 1)-11