A gorgeous (albeit wintry) engagement session

When you plan a wintry engagement session in December, you hope for snow, right?  We didn’t get snow (I think it came literally within 48 hours).  But we also didn’t get the sub zero temperatures that have been plaguing Central Illinois.  It was chilly, but definitely tolerable for the time we were outside.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to Jayne & Ryan’s summer wedding. They were such naturals at all the posing I threw at them that they session flew by and our quick session turned into a full gallery that usually takes way longer!  My job seriously could not have been any easier.  Half the time they were doing the poses I was about to tell them to do.  It’s no wonder we managed to get everything done in the near freezing temps so quickly!

Obviously, we don’t have much color since we’re in the middle of winter right now, but Forsyth Park had lights decorating a few of the evergreen trees that added such a pretty and festive element to the session, that happened just days before Christmas.  The beautiful thing about Forsyth Park is that is has TONS of options.  They’re not all within walking distance, and I’m not entirely sure I always park legally, but it really is a gorgeous park!  You should definitely consider your engagement session or wedding day photography to take place there.

Jayne and Ryan, thank you so much for commissioning me for your wedding day.  If your wedding day photography goes even half as easily as your engagement session, we’re set to have an amazing day!  I can’t wait for this summer and some warm weather- no coats needed!

Lastly, if we come across a field during your engagement session (which I highly recommend doing), please know that I’m most likely going to have you climb in it for the sake of gorgeous imagery.  Can you blame me?!

outdoor engagement session   outdoor engagement session       outdoor engagement session outdoor engagement session