Engagement Session ~ Jessica & Alex (and a horse and two dogs…)

The engagement session is a HUGE part of the wedding planning process, and almost always recommended by HGP.  Yes, I get some couples could care less about them, but they benefit everyone, both the couple and the photographer alike.

Engagement session Decatur Il

How is an engagement session beneficial to all parties?  Well it gives everyone a chance to get to know each other.  Everyone feels more comfortable is the short answer.  The photographer gets an idea of how you guys feel most comfortable together, and you guys can get a little used to a practical stranger telling you to kiss, move your shoulder, head, hands etc a certain way.  Overall, it can make a wedding day go much smoother.

Besides the practical side of engagement sessions, they’re simply fun.  Girls get to dress up and look and feel gorgeous, and the guys get to make their fiancee happy.  Win win.

At HGP, we always try to aim for doing an evening session for many reasons.  If you’ve seen my photographic style , there’s a lot of light peeking through if the day has cooperated.  I crave the gorgeous light.  So if we have the capability to work our sessions around some pretty light, we’ll go for it.  I’ve been known to reschedule these sessions so we have ideal lighting because it is THAT important to me.

Enter one of my more recent engagement sessions, Jessica and Alex.  We had their session at Graham Ranch since that’s where Jessica boards her horse, Alvin.  Since we try to keep the engagement session (and wedding for that matter) meaningful, we incorporated Alvin into a few images, and the pups.  The property was gorgeous, and Jessica and Alex made our job easy.  The light was aaaahmazing, Jessica and Alex had a blast together, so the session turned out beautifully.

Engagement Session Engagement Session, Decatur Il

Getting Married? You NEED an engagment session!

So if you are engaged, and debating an engagement session, please contact me today so we can set one up.  We have packages that even include the session itself, plus other bonuses and extras.  My studio is ready and waiting to sit down and discuss your wedding and how HGP can fulfill your wedding day photography!  I mean, what do you have to lose?!