When to book your newborn photographer | Springfield, Il Photographer

When should I book?  I hear it often.  For many, and I truly mean MANY moms, the idea of a newborn photographer doesn't occur until after your newborn is in your arms.  I get it- I truly do.  However, I want to discuss when to book your newborn photographer.

There are plenty of factors in determining the best fit for you and your family.  Would you prefer to go to an in home studio, commercial space, have them come to you for a newborn lifestyle session or Fresh 48 (which are obviously not a go right now under the current conditions).  Do you want contrasty, earthy tones or "light and airy?"

Booking a newborn photographer is a personal decision.  One that will (what I hope) will be more than just a one time decision with HGP.  With my newborn clients, I always look forward to future sessions. The sitter session, one year cake smash (well, smash and splash) and family sessions for years to come.  When you hire HGP for your newborn session, I want to grow with your family.  I want to celebrate wins with you, laugh with you at all the fun faces your baby makes, and lament parenting woes (if you're reading this early July 2020- go check out my recent Facebook and IG post on Ella's accident).

Anyways, back to booking your newborn photographer.  It's honestly not too early to start looking in your first trimester and start contacting photographers that speak to you and your wants.  I already have a baby on the books for March!  MARCH!  Not to digress (which, as well all know I do too much), but I always find it so exciting when I'm one of the first to be told about the best news of their lives so I can hold a spot on my calendar for them.

During our initial phone call, I'll schedule your visit to my studio.  It's where I can answer any and all questions you may have, show you the wide array of products we carry, client closet options, and start the design process for your session.  You'll be able to choose from dozens of colors, props, and accessories.  We'll go through the posing workflow depending on your likes and dislikes and design your session from start to finish.

To be able to accommodate everything that goes into your newborn session, I have to limit how many newborns I can take a month.  Hence, why I say there's every reason to start asking questions and making plans NOW!

With that said, many moms book their newborn photographer in their second trimester, and as a photographer, this is my recommendation as well.  Most feel comfortable at that stage of pregnancy to book, plan and get super excited for a session. With your baby on the calendar you don't risk your baby arriving, and realizing you MUST have a newborn session but your favorite photographer is unavailable.

I'm dead serious when I say it is completely heartbreaking when I have to turn a new mom away because I don't have the physical ability to accommodate their family.  When I plan on a newborn session, my assistant, my babysitter, myself, and YOU all need to be able to take a day and time work.  So if we wait too terribly long in the process, I'm not always able to shift things enough to get last minute requests on the calendar.  Seriously.  Heartbreaking.

Anyways, if you have any questions about the process, I want to answer them!  I love hearing from you and can't wait to plan all the baby sessions!  The contact form is below!

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