The 9 month milestone session (a.k.a. one of my favorites)

It's no secret that one of my favorite parts of this job is watching your families grow.  But besides that I love to grow with your littles as well.  Jodi has brought both Sofia and Kohen for their milestones to HGP.  The milestone program typically includes the newborn, three, six, and nine month sessions ending with the one year smash  and splash.

Nine months though is one of my favorites.  Most babies are sitting up completely on their own, but have yet not mastered moving faster than me- that happens usually by the one year ;).  They are usually suuuuuper easy to make smile, and you've just about figured out their schedule so we can as happy babies as possible.  Kohen was SO smiley he was giggling.  I honestly had forgotten what a sweet sound a baby's giggle is.  We try to schedule their sessions right after their morning nap; at this age, that doesn't leave us a ton of time until the next nap, but we don't need much- as evident in his gallery below!  We don't dwell on a particular set- once we get a few good smiles, we move onto the next outfit/backdrop!

It's well known I have too many props.  So much so that I almost forgot I specifically bought sitter outfits for boys!!!  I know it's a little harder to shop for boys, so problem solved!  Jodi is always so easy and willing to go with whatever idea I have, so we squished Kohen into them, and got some of my favorite pictures of the year so far!

If you're not wanting to do the milestone program, I still encourage you to consider a sitter session.  Their little personalities are so huge, and little moments are so special- like when Kohen hooked his finger over his nose while sucking his thumb.  You'll always remember they did something adorable like this, but now you have pictures of the memory to hold onto your little baby a little longer.