Custom Boudoir Session

Boudoir. Whew. I’m in love. Which is weird, because this particular session is of my sister. But is she not on FIRE?! The second I suggested she do a boudoir session she was all for it and made the trip from St. Louis to Decatur for her custom boudoir session.

Custom Boudoir Session

My approach to sessions is a little unconventional, especially for boudoir. Every session starts with a design meeting- which means regardless of which genre we’re photographing, I’m going to meet with you ahead of time and we’re going to figure out what to wear and what you exactly want out of your session. By the time your session rolls around, you will feel more than prepared.

You very likely already have items you want to wear for your session and I LOVE incorporating special items. For those of you that don’t though, I have an extensive client closet consisting of more than 200 items ranging from small through XXL (and let’s be honest- its’ ever growing). We’ll discuss your favorite color, styles of lingerie, and what else you may want to incorporate. I've photographed many a session where my client didn't purchase anything for her session.

Boudoir sessions can intimidate because you’re going to be fairly scantily clad, posing for a camera when selfies can sometimes be a struggle, right? The design meeting relieves some of that pressure because you and I have already figured out what you’re wearing (we do try on’s) and what must have poses you want from your session. Between the multiple setups (light and dark) and plenty of props, you are going to have an amazing session.

Two side by side images of women in lavender lingerie laying on her back on the bed.

Branding Session

Every boudoir session includes makeup and hair done in studio by the fabulous Ryan and Michelle, respectively. Since you’ll already be glammed up and camera ready this is the PERFECT time to incorporate headshots or a branding session. We actually ran out of time with MK’s branding session because we were having so much fun with the boudoir session and she had to get on the road for work, but we definitely got some fun images for her before parting ways for the day.

In case you don’t think all of this is worth it because you don’t have someone to share the final product with, she did this session 100% for herself and is already planning her next one.

Headshot of woman wearing pink blazer and white tank on black backdrop Half body shots of woman wearing pink blazer and white tank on black backdrop woman sitting on white chair kicking up one leg wearing sparkly blue dress pink branding session woman on gray backdrop wearing black blazer and pink tank top half body pictures of woman wearing black tank with barbie pink blazer and jeanswoman sitting on black step stool kicking a knee up for informal headshot custom branding session Decatur il

If you are treating yourself to the boudoir experience because you plan on sharing an album or wall art (yes, girl- get the artwork) we’ll make that album becomes one of his favorite possessions.

If you are interested in a boudoir session, there’s a new website under construction (but if you go there, you have to give me some thoughts on it) with a wealth of info.

While the Facebook group is pretty quiet because I just stink at social media, we’d LOVE to have you and answer any questions you have about a boudoir session. It’s a supportive space and you get to see what the experience looks like during our lives, win fun prizes, and watch bass as woman rock their lives and their sessions.