Mt Zion Lifestyle Session

Mt Zion Lifestyle Session

I've been fortunate enough to know Tara for many years.  She was a resident of mine back from my property management days (which was almost a full 10 YEARS ago- where does time go)?  When she got engaged, I was already actively shooting weddings; she didn't even shop around- she booked me.  We did her engagement session at Rock Springs when I was 23 months pregnant (ok, not really but it felt like it), her studio maternity lifestyle session, and now her lifestyle session.  When she said her house was designed for a lifestyle session, she wasn't kidding!

(Peep the wedding picture above them)

As you know- I’m terrible at blogging, so much so that the previous blog post I was working on before getting distracted was their maternity session haha!  So.  Maternity lifestyle session to come soon!

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Newborn Session with Big Brother

Newborn session with big brother

Haylee and Christopher had two baby boys in the span of the pandemic.  As with most pandemic babies, William took some time to warm up to me.  Turns out, I didn’t need to work nearly as hard as I ultimately did- he simply just needed time to hang out.  Haylee was really looking forward to this newborn session with big brother Ben, and I'm thrilled with their final gallery!

At every session, I always welcome pictures of big siblings.  Ok, let me say, I WANT you to have pictures of your babies together- it's personally some of my favorite pictures of my kids.  I also want you to have family pictures too- but that's for another whole blog post!

Anyways, I typically will try to time your session so older siblings (regardless of age) aren’t hanging around the studio for hours, because who wants to keep a toddler content for hours in a really warm, white noise filled space. 

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Smash and splash and family session

Smash and splash and family session

They say time flies.  I don't need to tell you this.  I'm sure everyone and their mom has told you this so you don't need me to reiterate it again.  I have babies of my own (I mean, my oldest turns TEN next year. 10.  DOUBLE DIGITS!!!) so I get how fast the years go.  So when Malyssa contacted me to setup Dallas' one year smash and splash and family session, it doesn't really feel real- it feels like we just finished their newborn session a few months ago!

I say it every. single. time.

Where does the time go?

How has it already been a year?

Why are they so big?

Time. Flies.

Noooooooo.  (I know, I'm dramatic).

How did we go from this?

To this?!

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Three things you need to bring to your newborn session

Yay!  Your baby is here, we've already planned your session, and you're leaving the house within 24 hours to come to my toast session.  Now, if you're a client of mine, you've also received an e-mail about how to prep for the session, but lots of people I know like to plan- so here's the three things you need to bring to your newborn session.

  1. You.  Obviously.  You're pretty important to babe.  Some dads come.  Some dads are back to work already.  Some dads are sleeping (which you can do at the studio as well- I won't be offended.  Lastly, some dads are home with the older siblings.  In addition, come as you are- there will be plenty of time to get yourselves ready for the family portion while I photograph your baby.
  2. Baby.  Again- SO OBVIOUS.  I really, really need a baby to come with you to do the session we've discussed!
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baby girl in farmhouse bucket prop surrounded by plants

Summer Baby Studio Session

Summer baby studio session

I'd love to say welcome to the world Miss Amelia, but I'm SO incredibly behind blogging (we're talking years, here folks), that this isn't new news!  We had to postpone the newborn session a bit because my entire family brought home Covid from Gulf Shores.  However, we still managed to get a gorgeous session with a sleepy Amelia.  Jessica knew exactly what she wanted for her summer baby, and we had so much fun planning and executing her studio session for her baby girl.

Since Amelia is a summer baby, so we brought ALL the colors into her studio session.  We were able to utilize corals, mint, blues, and lavender and threw in a last minute a sweet profile backlit image to capture all those sweet little details that we all want to remember, but sleep makes them easy to forget.

As an extra bonus to having a studio session, we were able to incorporate her Grandma's love of plants into a super cute setup.  

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