Simple. Authentic. Bliss. Wedding Edition

There was a newborn edition, so now I wanted to delve into HGP’s Wedding side.

I think for as much as I think these three words describe my wedding photography, I also think they just as accurately describe my wedding photography.

Simple. Authentic. Bliss.

If you’ve seen my newborn photography, you know my setups are simple.  So is my wedding photography.  While I’m not opposed to elaborate wedding photography, the extent of my setups I have on hand include my Victorian sofa, a parasol, and a sign (not all at the same time, come on people).  I keep it simple.  Beautiful light, beautiful couple.  It’s all I need.  Simple.

simple. authentic. bliss.

I touched on authenticity on HGP’s wedding photography page.  More than anything, authenticity matters on your wedding day.  If you haven’t been to the wedding home page yet, then you’ll definitely want to read about my thoughts there.  To me, nothing else matters on your wedding day besides capturing the essence of you guys as a couple, and the authentic love you guys share.  Yes, there will be posed images, but the candid images are what create the authenticity to the day.  When looking for a Decatur, Il wedding photographer, look for ones that match the feeling you’re looking for from your wedding day.  If you’re looking for one that combines simplicity with authenticity, please fill out my contact form so we can get you set up with your complimentary consultation!


Lastly, bliss.  Weddings are happy occasions!  I’m here to capture that happiness… or as you guessed, the bliss!  I know if seems corny, but looking back at your pictures, do you remember how happy you were?  Not only do I want you to feel that bliss while looking at your pictures, I want you to remember how you felt the day they were taken.  See?  Bliss.  It’s what HGP wants you to expect when you commission them.


I haven’t figured out a good ‘slogan’, but I specialize in photographing two life events that grow your family (waaay too wordy and just… weird, amiright?).  Weddings when you gain an entire family, but more importantly your life partner.  Newborns when you physically carry your growing family, and then bring them to me to capture the brief period of time they are considered newborns.

So… a little contest if you’ve made it thus far.  A $10 Starbucks gift card to the poster who comes up with a better, catchier way of splainin’ I photograph your growing family without it sounding corny.  You can comment here or e-mail [email protected].