Wedding Photographer for the couple that wants authentic images that capture the bliss of their wedding day located in Decatur, Illinois and surrounding areas.

It’s your wedding day.  You’ve spent countless hours (more like days or weeks) planning your day to embody you and your husband-to-be as elegantly and beautifully as you can.  Every element of your day has a part of you infused into it, and your wedding photography should be no exception.  You want your images to genuinely and authentically represent you so when you look at these pictures for years to come, not only will every detail be there for generations to look back upon, it needs to be done in a way that will insert the viewers of your images into your wedding day.  As if they were one of your guests attending.  That is the type of wedding photographer you need, and you will get with HGP Weddings.

candid wedding photography

“Working with HGP isn’t like working with your run of the mill photographer.  She cares about what you want and will do whatever she can to make it happen.  By the end it feels more like you are working with an old friend than a hired photographer and to me that was priceless”

Are we a documentary wedding photographer? No. We will still do some posed images.  More often than not however, they will not be your “stand here and look and smile at the camera”.  We’ll do those because your family that is used to those will probably love them (hello, easy Christmas gifts) and you might appreciate them down the line.  While they are pretty they don’t capture the excitement, the anticipation, or the essence of your wedding day- and that my dear, is why HGP is at your wedding day.

The love you share is real, so your images need to be

The HGP bride wants laughter, joy, and candids.  They want light and airy images.  They know that at the end of the wedding day, no matter what happens, be it rain (that’s what umbrellas are for), ceremony starting late (it’s why we build in extra time), dresses not fitting just right (my bride bag can fix anything) or flower girl meltdowns (every.single.time.) that all that matters is they’ve married the love of their life and the rest becomes inconsequential.

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I’ll be there to photograph every moment and detail of the day.  So the moments you may have missed yourself, or even forgotten?  I have them recorded, which means they’ll make into your gallery as well.

I didn’t have a real concept of what I truly wanted out of my wedding pictures.  I mean, these are once in a lifetime photos, I didn’t want to mess that up.  After speaking Jennifer and coming up with a couple of ideas, my fears were completely gone.  She did a wonderful job of taking the few ideas I came up with and expanding on them.  What I ended up with are wedding photos that I will truly cherish forever.  HGP definitely goes above and beyond to make your day that much more special.  I truly love having her there to be a part of our special day and you will to!”

Your wedding is unique

No two brides, couples, or weddings are alike, so you may not fit into one of my packages.  These custom quotes can be determined at the initial consultation.  Once booking with HGP, you’ll have us throughout the whole process.  From the minute you book until the minute we depart your wedding reception, we’re here.  We try to make the process as smooth with minimal stress as possible.

blissful wedding

“Meeting and communicating with Jen in the months prior to the big day helped nail down exactly what our day was going to look like.  I didn’t even know what time our wedding would start until I started talking to Jen.  Our pre-planned schedule with Jen made the day move smoothly so there was minimal stress.”

In case you haven’t browsed our site, we also specialize in newborn photography (stay with me, I promise I have a point).  With your wedding and any future children you might have, my photography philosophy is capturing your family growing.  From gaining that sister you never had (I gained two beautiful and amazing sisters to add to my own, my husband is sooo outnumbered) to the baby that will steal your heart when you saw that positive pregnancy test; each event is incredibly important, and you don’t get a do-over with either.  Your wedding is only one freaking lightning fast day, and your baby is only a newborn for a few precious days.  This page isn’t meant to be about newborns, I just want to convey how truly magical this life is and why you need to capture these fleeting moments, and why HGP specializes in what we do.  I want to be there for these life altering days, the happiest days of your life.  Let HGP capture the fun, blissful, genuine side of you!

With lots of loves,

Jen from HGP

“Since using HGP for our  wedding, I gladly recommend her to countless friends who are getting married.  Your wedding day is a whirlwind and I am so lucky that I have so many pictures to look back on and see how it truly was one of the best days of my life.  I cannot wait for HGP to join us in the next stage of our lives, as Jen takes newborn photos of our first child in just a few short weeks.”