What’s better than capturing those first few weeks?  Capturing all the amazing-ness that happens that next year and beyond!

Your baby is ever changing.  One day you’re holding your breath as your little one figures out their first roll,  and what feels like the next day you’ve got a crawler that can’t be contained.

I want to capture the little nuances of your baby’s first year.  The chunky thighs, the way their lashes lay against their cheek, the way they uniquely suck their thumb, or their trademark “look” that only your baby has.

The first year is fleeting.  Compared to the months of pregnancy that seem to drag on until you meet your newest love, it’s simply unfair how fast that first year flies by.  You don’t appreciate how fast time slips away until you’re rocking your baby the night before their first birthday.

Follow this link here to see a few of our milestones from throughout the years!

baby girl in pink dress and bow sitting on a white bench Baby girl grinning with black velvet shirt with gold bow


Boy laughing at the camera in Taylorville, IlOne year old climbing in a box in Taylorville, Il