When to schedule your newborn session

Nine months.  Ten, if you ask me honestly. There is so much to do in that short amount of time from when you see those two lines to when your baby comes, whether on their own or evicted like Gemma.  There are hundreds of lists that will try to get you prepared for the birth of your child.  Books to be read, nurseries to be designed,  birth plans to be established, the list goes on and on.

I get it.  A photographer might not be at the top of the list.  I mean, being comfortable with your OB is pretty damn important.  Knowing the hospital, what kind of maternity leave you qualify for, and deciding between breastfeeding and nursing all take precedence to hiring a photographer.

However, getting your baby on the calendar once you hit your second trimester is always a good idea.  Every session comes with a pre-session design consultation, and believe it or not- time does fly when you're pregnant and more than once I've sent the questionnaire to a recovering new mom.  It's not a required meeting by any means, but it's a really fun way to prepare for baby.  Choosing colors, favorite props- or even discussing what it is you're looking for that I don't have.  I'm 100% committed to you loving your session, so if I have to purchase more props, well, I have to do what I have to do.  I'll make the sacrifice (sarcasm, I promise.  I'm addicted to props).

I remember trying to schedule my maternity session and between my schedule and my photographers', it didn't happen.  Ella is my last baby, and I'd love to have made maternity pictures a priority to show her how much she was loved before she was even here.  You spend such a short amount of time being pregnant and it flies by- imagine how fast the newborn phase passes you by.  I wish there was just one picture of me with either girl in-utero.  As it is- there's only one family picture of the four of us.

So pick up the phone, shoot me an e-mail, send a carrier pigeon.  If you have questions, concerns, I want to hear them.  They say every baby is different, but so is every expecting momma, and I say with every session I learn something, but with every mom I grow a little more.  As a photographer, a mom, and a business woman.  I want to discuss and work through them and understand where you and future moms may be coming from.

I've said it until I'm blue, but it bears repeating.  I only take four to six newborns max a month.  Honestly- I USUALLY have an opening or two, but some months do book up completely.  The limit is so I can provide the BEST experience to all HGP clients.  That means proofing galleries within 24 hours and final galleries delivered within two weeks.  It means that my amazing assistant can still balance her own family and HGP and my sitter is available for the heathen, I mean Ella.

Anyways,  I'd love to chat with you on what you envision from your session.  Contact me today and we can go from there!

big sister cuddling with little brothersmiling bigger sister with baby brother