Welcome to Hidden Gem Photography

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Thanks for joining us and inquiring about newborn pricing. Click the video below to get all the information you are looking for!


Welcome to Hidden Gem Photography!

Ahhh!  I took the plunge!  HiddenGemPhotography.com site is launched, the gallery is under construction, and I’ve got a blog.  Eeek! I wanted to start this first blog by introducing you to my studio space. You’ve already met me on my home page, now meet my studio! I’ve been looking forward to this moment for months (I’ve literally had this blog post written since June when I knew I was launching a webpage).  I’m so proud of what my little back room in my house has become! This little studio has enabled me to expand my newborn photography, as well as milestone, and children photography.


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As you can see, it’s small.  I’m constantly changing the layout, but I cannot change the square footage.  It does the trick, and enables me to create beautiful images, but there’s no denying- it’s small.  I can comfortably photograph small families (limited poses), and most sibling images.  As you can see below however, little ones fit beautifully, and you would never know there a size constraint.


The first image is my niece, Sydney at the end of her session, age 3.  Next up, Chloe & Parker, long time clients of mine, and adorable siblings (like I had to state the obvious, right?).

Hidden Gem Photography


Sweet Bristol is showing off her pink headband and cute rolls while Knox grins at his cake he demolished a few minutes later! Miss Mia did recital pictures IN STUDIO.  Cool, right?  Plus, she’s 5, and fits perfectly!


Hidden Gem Photography


Next we have Tristen with his baby blues that will break hearts one day, and finally the Macklin’s, who needed a family picture taken before we smashed a cake with Graydon.  Look at that smile?!


Hidden Gem Photography


So as you can see, while it’s small, it doesn’t end my photographic capabilities…Have more than three family members?  Let’s head outside!  Gorgeous light is everywhere (well, this is central Illinois, so I might eat those words some days)!


Hidden Gem Photography


While I love my studio, and the year round capabilities it gives me, I started my photography career outside, and will love whatever location you choose.  Natural light and the outdoors inspire me to produce the images you see all over my Facebook page, and now here.  Click on this gallery link to see a few more samples of images from my studio!  Which are your favorites?