Tips from a mom

First of all- get your newborn photograph session booked.

I kid.  Kind of.  Not really.  Maybe. Actually, this post was to help new moms on some of the stuff I had NO CLUE about and always comes up with my new moms.

tips from a mom
Brooks is bored of tips from a mom

First thing first, I know TONS of mom’s that swear by Honest Co Healing Balm.  Stock up mommas.  Your babies bum will thank you.  Besides coconut oil & Resinol, save your money on other things.  Also, if you plan on breastfeeding, this stuff made all the difference.  I tried tons, and this really helped my breastfeeding success the most.

Secondly, there are PLENTY of Facebook groups that you need to join.  Sugar n Spice moms, lots of re-sale sites, and groups galore that will help with something specific like breastfeeding, development or babywearing, some local, some not.  Message me if you’d like added!  Pages & groups dedicated to activities, opinions, and everything in between.  I wouldn’t have gotten through motherhood without them thus far.  Speaking of which momma’s, what is your favorite group, page, or resource that helped you through infancy?

Thirdly, but most importantly.  Read your carseat manual.  Then, read it again.  I read my carseat manual, and then proceeded to forget how to tighten down straps.  We barely were able to leave the hospital.  I  had no idea that the buckles needed to be in one position to ensure ultimate safety, and that coats were a big no no.  Granted, I found this out extremely fast, but if this post helps even one momma with carseat resources, then it’s done its job!

Fourth.  Clicklist.  It’s a wonderful new resource the Mt. Zion Kroger has implemented.  I don’t know when I’ll go into a grocery store again.  You create your shopping list on the Kroger app, select an hour window that you’d like to pick up your groceries, pull into the parking lot and they bring your groceries out to you.  YOU DON’T EVEN GET OUT OF YOUR CAR.  I was pretty stressed out about shopping with two kiddos in the dead of winter.  I mean, it’s never ideal getting a baby out in winter.  So far I’ve utilized this service twice.  Both times I’ve had a minor issue or two, but nothing that would even remotely deter me from going again and again and…

Lastly, I was only kind of kidding about booking your newborn photographer.  While I honestly think the above tips will help you day to day, I’d hate for your to forget the little milk bumps your baby has, or the flaky skin that only comes with the newborn phase.  So if you are looking for a Decatur, Il newborn photographer, please contact me.  I’d love to talk with you and find out how I can capture your little one during this precious, limited time!

What was the best thing that helped you through motherhood?