My three favorite poses

I thought I’d introduce you to my three favorite poses.  While every session is customized to each parent with their newborn, we vary up the backdrops, the head wear, wraps, etc.  But I LOVE these three poses  for obvious reasons.  See below!

The Taco

My favorite pose

I love curling the babies up into this pose.  Not every baby wants to fold into this one.  It kind of requires babe to fold over on themselves.  But you can’t deny that those little toes peeking out are so adorable.  It’s not the easiest pose to accomplish, and took months of practice to get down.  But it’s so perfect once they fold into it!

Bottoms Up

bottoms up

Need a drink? I kid, I kid (although that bottle of Moscato in my fridge is calling my name more and more).  This one literally comes from how we wiggle their bottoms up to get those sweet rolls on their side.  I haven’t met a babe yet that didn’t have some sort of rolls to take advantage of.  Even the smallest of bubs like to curl up, and when they curl, you get rolls.  Rolls and rolls and rolls.  LOVE THEM!

Head on Hands


This pose can be a little tricky, and there’s two different ways of doing it.  This pose really brings out the cheeks your babe has.  They look so completely innocent resting their chins on their little hands.  It’s sure to be one of your favorites in your gallery.  Not every babe is completely comfortable in this pose, so sometimes we have to nix the pose altogether.  Paige totally rocked it though!

baby in prop

And that about sums up my three favorite poses!

The key thing to know is that any professional doing this pose should be trained in the safety aspect of newborn photography.   Your baby is just that- your baby.  He or she is NOT a prop.  Yes, I will put your baby in props, and I will accessorize according to your wishes, but newborn safety is my top priority while photographing your little one. While I don’t talk about it often, I’ve spent hundreds of hours with posing classes ensuring I’m doing the poses as safely as possible.  It’s why you won’t see poses like the froggy on my website.  I haven’t practiced them enough to feel 100% safe at doing them beautifully, so I simply don’t.  There are plenty of gorgeous poses to fill your walls and albums.  Because I have my studio fully stocked with an array of colors or backdrops, props, backgrounds, wraps, and tiebacks, you’re always guaranteed to have unique images custom designed to your taste, while making sure your baby is at their safest while in my care.

And then, there’s always time for extras…






three favorite poses