The Why

This post may feel a bit redundant, but I wanted to have an actual blog post live about it because it was probably one of my favorite Facebook posts I've ever made.

My why.

Decatur Il baby photographer

Why am I a newborn photographer?

I do this because I've been there.  And I can't tell you how much I regret NOT investing in a session for my oldest.

I've been through the adrenaline rush you feel once you're holding your newborn after nine long months of pregnancy....

And then the baby blues that hit.

Then your baby starts waking up more, and while you love seeing their peepers, it means the nights are longer, and sleep is harder to come by.

One day their milk bumps fade.  You don't realize it though.

The next they're holding their heads up watching the world.  You miss when they had no choice but to rest their heads on your shoulder and you could feel their ever constant heart beat against your chest.

Then the time has come that they aren't sleeping in your room anymore, and the face that you've stared at for hours every night is now across the hall, sleeping soundly.

Eventually the sweet newborn smell fades into the mess that accompanies older babes.  Messier feedings, messier diapers.  Don't even get me started on when they start crawling and those messes.

The time you spent watching your newborn sleep is now replaced with the fact that time has kept moving, and you have to keep up.  Dishes to do, siblings to attend to, work to return to.  There will always be something besides your baby demanding your time.  In the meantime, your newborn is not so much a newborn anymore.

Some things get easier while other things change and become more difficult.

So I do this because those first few days and weeks go by so fast.

You're postpartum. You're sleep deprived. You're so incredibly in love while so indescribably exhausted. You spend every moment memorizing every piece of your baby only to have them change day to day and the cycle doesn't end.  You don't mean for details to fade, but they do.

(I have a five year old and still suffer from the ever changing conundrum).

It's when you're begging for time to slow down that it flies past you the fastest.  No amount of bargaining gets you those first precious weeks back.

You know how you hear a favorite song on the radio?
You wish it would last a little longer, that it wouldn't end, or would immediately repeat?

It might make you feel a certain way, or bring back a favorite memory. Regardless, it makes you feel.

Being a newborn photographer allows me to let that song last as long as you'd like.

You'll always have these pictures of your baby and while you wish you might still have a newborn in your arms and reality is you're battling terrible two's (not speaking from any experience whatsoever ????), I guarantee the pictures I deliver will have you smiling forever and remembering your newborn and how fiercely you loved someone you only met a week ago.

That baby sleeping on your chest?  Never will you forget how they fit.

The milk bumps that only last a few weeks at best?  Not going anywhere.

The time when your babies got along (I kid, kind of). But seriously.  There will never be a chance to repeat those first weeks where your oldest became a sibling and grew to love the little human your brought home that will forever be their friend.

Remember falling in love with your husband, just a little more every day you saw your tiny baby protected by their big strong arms?  Do you actually remember what they looked like together when your baby was only a week old?

I do this because you deserve to remember your babe as a newborn and all the feelings that come with having a baby. I do this to freeze time and give you all of those special memories of how truly tiny and loved and all yours your babe was.

You deserve stunning imagery of these moments while relaxing the most you have perhaps since you saw two lines on the pregnancy test.  Contact us today to get your newborn session reserved and your design session scheduled.

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