The soon to be Sloan’s (Steele & Andrea) ~Decatur, Il Engagement session~

I love every session I photograph. Every single one. I laugh, learn, and appreciate every time you let me pick up my camera and catch a piece of time. You all get images that capture a moment in time (that you hopefully cherish and love), but I leave each session changed, and yearning to pick up my camera over and over again.   This particular session reaffirmed my love of photography with its amazing backdrops and more than willing subjects.

This past Sunday Steele & Andrea welcomed me onto Steele’s family farm for their engagement session. I love my locations that I know like the back of my hand, but letting me loose on a whole farm? Oh man, so much fun to be had.   I made them get in a creek. Yes. It happened, and the images are amazing.

But first, I have to tell you. I’m NOT directionally challenged until you put me in the country, my GPS doesn’t work, and my brain goes into overdrive imagining the pictures I could take if trespassing wasn’t illegal. Needless to say, I was a tad late to this engagement session, and I’m NEVER late. Ever. It drives me nuts.  Regardless of my timeliness issue this time, we had an amazing session, and I got to put my imagination to work with the options on Steele’s granddad’s farm.

Anyways, there was a barn, a bunch of corn, tall grass, pretty trees and purple flowers, meadows, a gorgeous sunset, an AMAZING ring, cowboy boots, bales of hay, a lovely Andrea, a very patient Steele, and did I mention a creek? It was perfect. So with that run-on sentence out of the way, please enjoy some of my favorites from this session below. This couple will be saying “I-do” next August, and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding and get them back out on the farm for their wedding portraits. What better place to do wedding pictures, than at a location that means so much to the couple? Too see the album with of all my favorites, follow this link.   Don’t forget to let me know what you think!


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