The McIntrye Family (and a 1 year session)! ~Family Photographer, Milestone Photography, 1st Birthday session~

The McIntrye’s first called about Aiden’s first birthday session and quickly decided they wanted to add a family session to the day.  We were a little nervous because a few days before our Saturday session they predicted rain for the WHOLE weekend.  Luckily, we had a gorgeous morning to work with.  Aiden was really curious about what was going on, so we didn’t get a ton of smiles at first, but he was more than happy to share once we got back to the studio for his one year sessions.  But look at that gorgeous tree this fall is producing; makes for gorgeous family pictures!  Check out their gallery with the rest of the images!

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This little guy is super picky when it comes to foods he’ll eat.  Mom and I decided that it would be best to skip the cake smash.  The whole point of these sessions is to get frosting and cake EVERYWHERE.  If your little one tends to be one that doesn’t like getting their hands dirty, or doesn’t like cake, I strongly suggest we brainstorm other images you’d like to have.  No need to force your little one into a situation they won’t enjoy.  These pictures are supposed to be fun and happy times.  I want you to remember our session that way.  My studio is a stress free zone!

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This little guy is so picky that I had to really think of what I had in the house that he might like to distract him from the fact that he needed to sit fairly still and smile and this strange lady with the camera.  Puffs, cheerios, and dried fruit are all on the no fly list.  Mom said he practically gags while holding a banana!  Fortunately, I had a little ice cream on hand, so we managed to get him happy enough to sit still in the last set- his Cardinals gear!

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