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So you all have already met Miss Myla, and her big brother Knox.  They were my first newborn session that took place in the client’s home, rather than in my studio.  Since we did her pictures on a weekday, that didn’t leave us with a chance to get the whole family together, so I went back the following Sunday.

Myla is the rare baby that is ALWAYS awake, so we didn’t even worry too much about trying to get her sleepy and posed.  She was alert and content the whole session.  For this session, we went for more a lifestyle approach since we were in her home.  I learned a ton about lifestyle photography that day.  As always, my main concern is baby safety, and we always made sure she was safe and sound!

My computer is being super slow for whatever reason, so a gallery isn’t am option at the moment.  So here’s most of the pictures from a few Sundays ago!

Knox is a wonderful big brother, so so gentle with his little sister.  However, like any toddler, he didn’t love to sit still for too long.  Anyone that knows Knox knows his face when dum dums are brought into the picture,   Dad just happened to be making the same face, and I love it!!

Myla (1 of 1)-36Myla (1 of 1)-104
Rachel and Eric just happened to have the perfect setup to do a family session all curled up on their bed.

Myla (1 of 1)-89Myla (1 of 1)-38

Big brother kisses are the best!

Myla (1 of 1)-41Myla (1 of 1)-42

He was so proud of himself.  I couldn’t imagine this session going any better.  I mean, the kid is only 18 months old!  His parents must be doing something right with him- he’s just so happy!


    Myla (1 of 1)-43Myla (1 of 1)-44

Myla (1 of 1)-45Myla (1 of 1)-46