The Harder Family ~Decatur, Il Family Photographer~

Have you heard of Lillybug Creations?  If you follow my Facebook  page or hers, you’ve seen some of her hair bows in action.  Owner, Michelle asked me about a month ago if I was available this past Saturday.  Her oldest daughter, Mallory was going to be home from school for the weekend, and the stars were aligning to get family pictures.  She was excited because it had been 14 YEARS since they had a family picture taken.  Needless to say I was honored she asked me, and looked forward to photographing Michelle and the rest of the Harder family.   Here’s the gallery from the session on Saturday.

HarderFamily (1 of 1)-5

This session was a blast.  Clearly, the girls were happy to be back together, even if just for a weekend.  It made me miss my sister even though she’s only 2 hours away.  Sister bonds are tight ones, and you could tell this was a close knit family.  There were a lot of laughs, fake wrestling, and genuine smiles.  HarderFamily (1 of 1)-8

Despite it being a little chilly and a lotta windy the day of, we got some gorgeous images of the family together, and the rain stayed away for the duration.  Since it was Warrensburg homecoming, we got to see some of the couples getting their photos taken.  Heaven help my daughter is 17 years when its her turn.  She and her date will hate me!

If you are thinking of booking your fall session, please call or e-mail soon.  Spaces are very limited- in fact, we’re pretty much down to early mornings or weekday evenings.  Temps are holding steady, albeit a tad chilly, but certainly no reason to hold off getting pictures taken.  The trees are only going to get prettier from now until November!HarderFamily (1 of 1)-20