Summer Family Sessions

For years now I've been telling my best photographer friend that I live for pretty light.  When do you have prettier light than during summer family sessions?!  I literally just told someone today that I get why ya'll love fall sessions- I really do- but I LOVE light.  I live for light.  Everywhere I go, I'm looking at the light and dreaming of photographing you gorgeous people in summer light.  Our road trips around Central Illinois revolve around looking for light.

I wish I were kidding.

So I did what I do.  I looked for the light and love the results (so much so, I can't wait for my own session).  My cousin hasn't updated her family pictures in awhile.  So we waited.  And waited.  And waited some more for the right time.  The right light.  I'm not kidding when I say we probably waited months for the right Tuesday to appear. (Tuesday's are her day off, and I was damned and determined to wait for beautiful light).

decatur il family photographer

One of the big things going on right now with HGP is my client closet.  It's not huge yet, but it's getting there.  Stella's dress (the mauve one and on the gorgeous brunette), and Justin's shirt were both from the closet, and the rest was a collaboration of Ashley and I putting the rest of the outfits together (mom and Stella were both in Joyfolie- one of my favorites).

So if you're planning out outfits- talk to me first, I may already have pieces to add to your session, and if I don't, I'm more than happy to work with you to style your session.  I have  a list of favorite vendors, a what to wear guide, and an e-mail where you can send as many messages as necessary until we whittle our way down to the perfect look.

Anyways, back to summer family sessions.  They are my favorite family sessions I do.  Even the mini's are more relaxed because we're not battling wind, cold, red noses, or other increment weather.  I know it's a little warm.  I know we have to adjust schedules for the littles to hang until sessions.  I know you may have worked a long day. I PROMISE you, summer family sessions are worth it.

If you're thinking about a family session that's more focused on light than fall colors, I'm your girl.  I know it's probably not the most popular opinion, but I think this gallery is proof.  I want to capture your family.  Your joy, your fun, your laughter, your love.  I just happen to want to do with a gorgeous bit of light behind you all.  That's all!

See?  When I'm right, I'm right.  Just don't tell my husband.  He only admits defeat once a year 😉

decatur il family photographer