Summer 2018

Summer 2018 is on its way out the door.  These cooler temps these past few days have actually gotten me excited for fall.  While I love fall, the season following is not my favorite.  Mostly because I can be cold is 80 degree weather.  Not joking.  I'm currently in a light hoodie and under a heated blanket, and it's 75 degrees outside today haha.

Anyways, if you're here, you saw a blog post or actually clicked on the link in my e-mail that went out (thank you for that).  So onto an update with HGP.

Summer has been amazing.  The girls and I did far more this summer than we did last- mostly because Ella didn't have to be held to such a strict sleep schedule.  But that lent to me getting behind every so often, which is not a fabulous way to going into the busiest season of the year.  I'm hoping to get caught up once Gemma is in school, but first to kick this fever the babe came down with for her first day of Kindergarten.

Speaking of fall.  I know you all love those fall mini's- and I plan on launching them in the next week.  If you want to be the first in the know- make sure you join HGP Mini Sessions Group.  They'll be launched there before posting to Facebook and e-mail.  Last year the only reason they went to the page and e-mails was because I opened up another day of them since the first sold out so incredibly quickly.

I can't believe I'm already working on these- but Santa is coming back to the studio- and possibly an outdoor option too!  What would you prefer?  I know they both have their perks, but I'm tossing around the idea of bringing Santa outside and having kids cozy up with him (please remember roughly 18 months-3 years don't do any cozying, haha!).  I'm actually dying to know your thoughts on outdoor Santa sessions!

Besides planning all this fun stuff, the studio has been undergoing some reno's to make it more comfortable for all the new parents we have coming through.  If you haven't booked your session yet, we still have one to two slots per month open (tagging a pregnant friend would be incredibly appreciated!).

Lastly, if you stop by the studio or just open your e-mail, you'll see a new line of products HGP is launching.  I know you can get and do get your prints and canvases locally, or even on-line, so I'm bringing in a fresh line of super unique products.  BUT no worries- I will still be offering my digital packages.  These will simply be add-on's that you cannot find an alternative for.  The first batch are arriving this week.  Unfortunately I made the mistake of using my own babes for some of the samples, so who knows how long they'll actually be in the studio to be seen. I'm looking forward to offering these products!

Well, I've pretty well written a book, so I'll sign off here and look forward to seeing you all at the fall mini's this year!

Hope you had a summer where you didn't lose your mind daily and your kids can still write their name (guess where we stand with this in the Lange household?).  If the picture below doesn't describe summer with kids, I'm not sure what does?

Decatur Il Fall Mini Session