Studio Maternity Session | Decatur, Il Maternity Photographer

The longer I've been a photographer, the more I've honed in more and more on photographing babies.  I just love all things having to do with babies.  Obviously the newborn sessions through the first year, but maternity sessions as well.  I recently had a dream about a marketing project I was working on and had a glimpse of a studio maternity session.  I also decided I may be working too much if I'm dreaming about marketing.  Seriously.

Anyways,  I decided I wanted to build up my maternity portfolio.  For most, this means doing an outdoor session.  Since my dream came at a really inconvenient time (end of December) I decided to try my hand at sticking indoors for a studio maternity session and I. Am. In. Love.

I had a few ideas in mind, so of course that means I needed to go shopping!  I love having a growing client closet for maternity sessions- which means if we have enough time between when you have booked and your session takes place, I'll absolutely source gowns, sweaters, flower crowns, etc for your session.

On to the session.  I love having hair and makeup meet me at the studio so we can discuss the session and what all we are going to do.  After the hair and makeup, we started with a few formal setups with a few different gowns and then switched it up to a more lifestyle maternity approach.  All in all, I absolutely am dying over the results.  Janarra absolutely NAILED every aspect of her session.  She was absolutely game for all of my crazy ideas and never once showed any signs of annoyance with me (I forever lie about being done.  I'm like the energizer bunny- I keep going and going and going).

I asked Janarra to share her thoughts on her studio maternity session; here's what she had to say "I was worried how I would feel during the session- some women feel beautiful during pregnancy and some do not. I wasn’t sure how I felt to be honest but I wanted to look back during this time in my life and smile when I saw these pictures. It took so long for us to get pregnant and I really wanted good memories of this time. I DEFINITELY look at these pictures and smile. They portrayed my happiness during my pregnancy and I’m so grateful for that!"

I want you to love everything about this experience.  I get that pregnancy comes with uncomfortable moments physically, and doubts of confidence and excitement.  From the booking process, hair and makeup in studio, to the client closet, the session experience, and lastly, but most importantly the pictures you come away with from your studio maternity session, I want it all to leave you feeling excited about your session.

Whether studio and formal or studio lifestyle (or please make my day and do a lifestyle maternity session in your home) or an outdoor maternity session, I'm really looking forward to growing this aspect of HGP in the coming year.  I promise you won't regret taking this brief moment in time and having pictures of your joy captured.  Reach out to use via our contact form HERE to set up your consultation or to get the booking process underway!

studio maternity session Studio Maternity Session | Decatur, Il Maternity Photographer Baby bump with husbands hands and adorable frenchie looking at camera Decatur, Il Studio Maternity Photographer with husband kissing wife baby bump of mom is classic white gown back lit during her studio maternity session studio maternity session with dramatic lighting on black backdrop with royal blue gown Decatur, Il Maternity Photographer in studio with stunning momma to be in blue dress dramatically lit lifestyle maternity photographer, Decatur Il with momma in leggings and showing off baby bump maternity lifestyle, decatur il momma's baby bump with wedding ring studio maternity session, Decatur il, off the shoulder sweater on pregnant momma Studio Maternity Session | Decatur, Illinois Maternity Photographer Decatur Il Studio Maternity session with mom holding her baby belly and back lit while wearing white gown Studio Maternity session with Mom is pink gown and Dad both holding baby belly  Pet session in studio during maternity session, frenchie jumping up to see mom and baby belly Pregnant mom in studio maternity session wearing blue gown that matches eyes studio lifestyle maternity session in Decatur, Il with dad to be and frenchie Pregnant mom during studio maternity session looking at frenchie sitting on her lap mom showing off baby belly in studio maternity session pregnant mom and frenchie looking right at the camera during studio maternity session