Soloman turns 1! ~first birthday photography, milestone photography, Decatur, il~

I first met Jamie & Soloman at swim class.  I’ve been so fortunate to make not only new clients from swim, but also friends.  And what wonderful women they all are.  I’m going to try and catch up and blog all of their sessions, but today, Soloman & Jamie are up from our session of Friday!

Jamie had the cutest outfit for her little man.  It came complete with suspenders, tie, vest, and shoes.  We ran into a hitch though… Soloman wasn’t a huge fan of the shoes, so we nixed the shoes halfway through altogether.  Surprisingly, he was totally cool with grass, and that made life a bit easier.


Soloman (1 of 1)-2Soloman (1 of 1)-11

One year sessions are a blast, but I’ll be honest and tell you all that once they’re walking for these sessions, it’s game on.  We still always get amazing photos, but I was totally unprepared my first time I had a walking 1 year old.  I still regret not being more prepared for that session because I had simply never had a little one walking at that age yet.  I’ll always ask because it just takes a little extra preparation, and usually a bit more time to get smiling pictures of the little one looking at the camera.  We always get them though.  Always.

Soloman (1 of 1)-6


I must add that this photographer got a little flustered.  I always come to my sessions with a plan.  Rock Springs blew that one to smithereens that day.  They paved part of their bike trail that eliminated a few pictures, and also re-routed me to get to where I wanted to go first.  Then, the TORE DOWN the white picket fence that I so so so dearly loved.  I use that fence all the time, and am so bummed it is gone.  Hopefully they are replacing it with something just as pretty and rustic, although I doubt it.

Soloman (1 of 1)-10

So after some plan changing, shoe removing, and antics for smiles, we got some beautiful pictures of Jamie & Soloman to remember his first birthday.  Here’s the link to his gallery!

Soloman (1 of 1)-19