Simple. Authentic. Bliss. Newborn Edition.

You’ve probably seen these few words floating around my website, Facebook, etc.  Simple. Authentic. Bliss.  When trying to figure out how I’d describe HGP, I tried to narrow it down to three words (and if you know me, you know I’m never brief- case in point, just keep reading, lol) so this was difficult.

Simple. Authentic. Bliss.

Really, if you look around, you’ll see those three words in all of my imagery.  I don’t do a ton of props- we all know this.  I keep it simple.  I want the picture to feature YOU, or your little.  Simple according to the dictionary is not complex.  That’s not to say you won’t see props, but you most likely won’t see a super elaborate setup.  I simply want to feature your little one.  I want the images from your session to fit anywhere in your life.  Whether it be presents for grandparents or a statement piece in your house, I want the pictures to fit seamlessly now… and years later.


While the pictures are simple, I still want them to be authentic.  Authentic imagery lends more towards my wedding photography, I still want your newborn images to be real and genuine.  When we do your parent poses, I want the love shown in the pictures to capture you, your little, and the very real love you share for the precious baby you created or adopted.  This is where the husbands love my newborn photography.  They get to curl up with their new baby, and you literally feel how much they love that their family grew.  You NEED this captured, even if they think they really don’t want to have pictures taken.  Especially since the biggest perk is that it takes less than 10 minutes to be photographed!

parent posing with newborn

Finally, bliss.  Does this really need spelled out?  How did you feel when your baby was finally put in your arms?  Blissful, perhaps?  However, the nights are long.  Figuring out routines is ever changing.  The massive blowouts that have you wondering how messes can go so many directions.  Not so wonderful.  But overall, mommy hood (I’d say parenthood so as not to offend dads, but let’s face it- they haven’t made it thus far in the blog- amiright?!) is amazing.


When I looked up synonyms of bliss, the first ones that came up were heaven and paradise.  So yes, the aforementioned aspects aren’t always fabulous, but for the most part, the bliss you feel with your new baby is unlike anything you’ll ever feel again.  Our own little slice of paradise, sleeping right next to you.

simple. authentic. bliss