Shawn’s Senior Session ~ Warrensburg Latham Senior

I don't often do senior sessions.  There's no real reason why, I've just always focused on newborns and weddings, and I'm not sure why because seniors are SO FUN.  Or maybe it's just the seniors and their parents that commission me.  I've known Shawn for about four years now, so to think he's looking at colleges and driving himself around and looking like the sharpest senior I've ever known.  Well, it blows my mind.

To say I was excited for his session is an understatement because I knew I was guaranteed to have the best dressed senior ever.  He works at BrassHorn Too,  and he did not disappoint with everything he brought.  We had a great evening downtown trying a few new spots and then went out to my favorite location for some more fall-ish nature images and ended the night at a neighbors pond where Shawn fishes.  I love ending the night doing something that my senior loves to do, because a. it shows when they're truly enjoying themselves and b. I'm weird about the last image I taking being a favorite, it's a thing I do with every session.  Since we had an incredible sunset, we got some of the best silhouette images I've taken.

Side note: as I was having Shawn shift a bit away from the water for a second, I'm pretty sure he missed a decent fish.  You can tell behind him that the water was rippling.  We all make sacrifices for great imagery, sorry Shawn!  It's just a little bit of payback for getting Baby Shark stuck in my head for the second time that day 😉

Anyways, fall is ramping up, so weekend availability is limited (weekday is only semi-full) but I would love to get another senior or two on the books.  Or, bring the whole family for a family session during one of my mini- session dates!  I hope you guys love the gallery!