Shawn & Jessica Maffett Wedding

Shawn and Jessica had every detail planned out to make their day amazing.  There were special elements contributed to the wedding day by family members all over the place, particularly, Jessica’s grandmother officiated the ceremony, and her grandfather actually made Shawn’s ring!  How cool is that?

Decatur, Il Wedding photographer

The couple has the cutest ring bearer, who also happened to be their son, Blake.  While unsure of all the people watching him walk up the aisle to Daddy, he was a ham the rest of the day (and no worries, grandma saved the little guy!)!  Check out the gallery for more pictures of the Maffett’s!

Wedding photographer, decatur, il

There are plenty of places to go around Decatur for wedding photography.  We kept our shot list pretty simple and went downtown to an abandoned building, and then to Rock Springs since it’s location was conveniently located to Decatur Conference Center, where the couple received their guests.  These two locations gave us plenty of options; sometimes less is more!  I almost took a disastrous fall at our first locale- thank goodness I caught my camera before it hit the ground.  Time to slow down a bit!

Jessica and Shawn were literally up for anything when it came to locations and poses and in addition, had a great bridal party (however, I might be a tad partial since my gorgeous sister in law was a maid of honor). Every time my sister and I turned around, Shawn’s groomsmen were hauling our gear in and out of my truck, and generally trying to make our lives easier.  They were willing to go pretty much anywhere, and despite a little heat, were great sports the whole day.

Decatur, Il Wedding photographer

Gorgeous light, gorgeous weather, gorgeous couple.  You can’t ask for more that that as a wedding photographer!

As always, a huge thank you to my sister for her endless assisting capabilities!