Shawn & Jessica ~Engagement photography, Wedding photography, Decatur, Il~

Where do I start with Jess & Shawn?  I have to say that engagement sessions are one of my favorite types of photography.  The couples are so in love, and always willing to do pretty much whatever I ask.  Since we’re in Rock Springs, we didn’t have too many crazy things to do, but we still had a good time.  Shawn feels like he doesn’t fake smiles well, so he literally changed his smile with every click of my shutter.  It made for a fun session.  He definitely kept me on my toes!

 MaffettEngagement (1 of 1)-41MaffettEngagement (1 of 1)-40 MaffettEngagement (1 of 1)-39MaffettEngagement (1 of 1)-43MaffettEngagement (1 of 1)-42

All taken within a minute!

Before I go any further, I have to introduce the newest member of their family, Blake.  He’s six months old, and not stingy with his smiles.  Luckily Grandma came with to get him looking at my direction with his smiles.

  MaffettEngagement (1 of 1)-13

Here’s the link to their gallery with a lot of the images from the session.  There’s a few that I’m sure Jess wants me to hold off posting for now, but when she gives me the ok, I’ll share them too!MaffettEngagement (1 of 1)-29

Jess wanted to do some fun pictures with balloons, and I was willing to oblige as long as Shawn can jump.  I love how this turned out.  Whenever the sun came out, the sky was unreal.  Practically no editing was done to this picture.  Is it me, or does this sky look fake?  It was awesome!  I never catch skies this pretty!

MaffettEngagement (1 of 1)-24MaffettEngagement (1 of 1)-21

On a final note, I love when guys ask for certain pictures.  I feel like they’re engaged and haven’t hated the whole process.  Now as long as they can hold onto that sentiment on the wedding day!  Looking forward to May of 2015!

If you are getting married next year, I’m booked for May &  late August, but still have openings for June & July.  Contact me today to set up your consultation.