Seitz, party of Four! Baby Kohen’s newborn session

I love growing with families as much as I love watching families grow.  Sofia came to me almost a year and a half ago for her newborn session and did the milestone program with HGP.  I LOVE my milestone program, and borderline mourn when they graduate out of it at their one year session.  Luckily I knew there was another baby Seitz on the way, and was thrilled when mom said they were doing the milestone program again.

Yes, I got bigger smiles out of Sofia, but how often is it that a 17 month old and 11 day old smile at the same time?  I literally took three images in a 10 second span, and they both only smiled at this second

Unfortunately, I've yet to have a die hard Cards or White Sox fan come through my doors, so the Cubs hat was yet again pulled out.  I'm surprised my husband hasn't absconded with it yet, haha!  One day, we'll get a Cardinals fan though and all will be right at HGP.

Anyways, we did it all with Kohen: family, siblings, potato sack, nakey baby, rolls (check out the arm rolls!), props, macros.  Granted, it took two sessions because he was NOT having the session after I unwrapped him from potato sack, but look at all we got done!  I think my favorites are the macro shots of all of his little features or the rolls.  He had the best rolls.  Or the smiles.  His smiles were pretty special.  I guess I love the whole session, I never can pick just one favorite!

I've said it before but  I'll say it again.  Family pictures are so important.  I can't tell you how many families e-mail me with babies already crawling and walking and still haven't had family pictures taken.  Logistically, I get that it's hard to get a family of four or more out the door for a session, but it is so worth it to get these sweet pictures while your babe is still brand new.