Santa Sessions are here!

I wanted to do these last year, but life got in the way.  Mainly, a little girl named Ella that arrived in June and was not, and is not still sleeping.  We’re trying to not hold grudges about the lack of sleep, and thus productivity.  But I digress.  Must be sleep deprivation!

Anyways, we’re thrilled over at HGP that Santa will be in the studio November 18th & 19th again.  Since this was relatively unplanned and other sessions are happening both days, there are only four spots available each day.


While these are Santa Sessions, parents, you are welcome to get in the picture too if you’re hoping to get the family picture for the Christmas card.  Images are GUARANTEED to be delivered by November 27th so you can get cards ordered and sent out.  You’re welcome with or without Santa in the picture- you’re choice!

We’re doing the Santa Sessions two ways.  I know so many of us need to get in and out with crazy schedules to stick to, so if you just want your quick Christmas picture, book your time slot and you’ll be in and out in 15 minutes and you’ll have images of your childrens’ joy with Santa for years to come.  HOWEVER.  If you’d like to give your kids the Santa Experience, then read on.

The Santa Experience will give your kids the opportunity to just hang out with Santa. While Santa Sessions are technically mini sessions, I listened to a lot of mom’s and wanted to offer not just a mini.  If you’d like your kiddos to sit and read a book, drink hot (or slightly warm in case of spills) chocolate, eat Christmas cookies, go over Christmas lists, or anything else you can think of, we’re opening up time slots for this to happen.

Santa Session

You can even bring a present ahead of time to stash under the tree that Santa can give to your child to add to the magic of Santa (we’ll even do the wrapping for you!).

Bonus?  You’re skipping the mall line.  No wrangling toddlers, battling crowds, or massive meltdowns while waiting.


So back to Santa Sessions.  There’s technically 2 (well, 3) setups.

The first: My itty bitty Victorian Sofa for the littles that may be timid around Santa.  Big enough to hold 3-4 siblings, or just one toddler who  may or may not be sure if they love Santa yet.  Their attention can stay on us and we’ll work to get smiles, or they can play and interact with Santa if they want to.  The pressure is off to sit perfect on Santa’s lap, although  I’m sure we’ll still have tears from a few and that’s perfectly ok too!

The second: My well traveled Victorian Sofa that has been a staple for many years at HGP is Santa’s throne this year.  Plenty of room for families to hop in a picture (with or without Santa) or as many siblings as you can pile on.  The kids can sit with, on, or around Santa.  However they’d like to is good with us!

The third:  If there’s no way in H E double hockey sticks your kiddo is going to be cool with Santa, we’ll stick them on the sofa to play with ornaments, or throw them in the “snow” to explore.  100% guarantee we’ll get a card worthy image, and who knows.  Maybe they’ll warm up to Santa after a few minutes and we can try before you leave.

Christmas Mini Sessions Christmas Mini Sessions Decatur Il


The last few details:

Only 4 slots on Saturday (18th) and Sunday (19th) each

15 minute sessions with your choice of five digital images for $124

Print release to print images however you choose.  No print purchases required!

Optional Santa Experience ($15/10 minutes and three extra images)

Retainer of just $49 is due when booking, and applies to your session.  Remainder due the day of your session.