Ruby Raylene Newborn Session Highlights

I’ve been lucky enough to know Ruby’s family for a little over a year.  Maxwell was still an itty bitty thing making us work for his smiles during my first fall mini’s.  Turns out that was the last time Maxwell would only make us work for smiles.  He’s been a joy every single time he’s been in my studio.  For the second year of Fall min’s they shared they were expecting a little girl, and I’d better plan on seeing them for her newborn session!

While Max gave me his awesome smiles, Ruby was less than thrilled with sibling poses.  She’s allowed one session with no smiles, so she’s at capacity (totally kidding).  I’m way too in love with how happy Max looks to be a big brother, and how unhappy Ruby is with the whole situation.  Luckily she settle in for another pose or two and then totally and completely tapped out.  Never fear!  Session number two was wildly successful!

Sibling pictures during newborn session

Ruby has the. most. picture. perfect. features.  Seriously.  Perfect fingers and toes.  I swooned at the little milk bumps on her nose and tufts of hair around her perfectly shaped ears.  And the HAIR!  So much of it!  My only wish is I could’ve kept her there to photograph her over and over again. Cheeks like hers are what newborn photographers dream of.  I can’t wait until I get Miss Ruby back in the studio for her sitter session in just a few months!

Close up newborn features

Lastly, I have everything you need for a session, but please bring the props that mean a lot to you.  For Ruby, her momma was given the bright pink tutu by a cherished patient.  She’ll forever be able to look at the images and remember the kindness of the family who gifted Ruby.  Using the Ruby blanket was an absolute must as well!  Especially since Max has similar pictures taken by the hospital photographer.

I’ll be the first to tell you that most normal newborn props made by commercial vendors won’t fit.  It’s because they anticipate them needing to fit the baby beyond just the first few weeks.  The reason my props fit so well is because I’ve purchased them carefully from vendors that design them specifically for babies around the two week mark.  So while we got lucky that everything fit Ruby beautifully, it’s not always the case!  So if there’s something special you have in mind for your newborn session, be sure to let me know well in advance so I can scout my vendors!