Prenatal Massage in Decatur Il

Pregnancy is amazing.  What our bodies do to grow tiny humans is incredible.  But.  SO many aspects of pregnancy are less than comfortable.  In fact- with my second, I'd say that the discomfort started well before my first trimester ended.  I think Ella started out as sciatica, and my SPD flared up shortly after.

Somehow. it never occurred to me to get a prenatal massage.  For me, pregnancy tended to be super stressful.  With Gemma, we had personal issues, financial, housing, you name it, we had it.  Typical of Jen & Dan, we managed to get through them.  When Ella came along- I found out I was pregnant with her THE DAY AFTER I OPENED THE STUDIO.  So just after dropped five digits on a reno and building up HGP, up pops Ella.

Anyways, I love massage.  So how it never came up, I have no idea.  But I wanted to drop in and offer a little insight into prenatal massage.

The Benefits of Prenatal Massage.

First of all, prenatal massage can relieve so many of the aches and joint pain associated with pregnancy.  Secondly, it can reduce stress, help with anxiety, and even decrease depression symptoms.  Lastly- it's called self care, ladies.  I know you know you should, and I also know you probably don't.  But indulging in something that makes us feel better both physically and mentally should be a no-brainer.

I know.  Time. Money.  I consider 60 minutes of peace and spoiling pretty affordable though, and you can get that prenatal massage in Decatur Il at Amy's Massage. In addition, every soon to be momma that books a massage there has a $50 gift card waiting for them to Hidden Gem Photography to be used towards a maternity or newborn session.    Make sure you call early on- they book up pretty far in advance!

Prenatal Massage Decatur Il