Oesch’s Maternity Session ~Maternity Photography~ Decatur, Il Photographer~

This lovely lady came to my rescue last fall when I was in desperate need to get on a farm and play with horses (hang in there, I know that sounds weird).  Many might not know, but I used to LOVE riding, and miss being around horses terribly.  Lindsey was kind enough to let me come out and photograph her and her beloved Lexi.  Combining horses and photography had to be one of the best sessions I’ve had to date!  To top it off, I got to take announcement pictures for her since she was just about ready to announce they were expecting a baby!  Check out their gallery here (about 3 or 4 rows down).

 OeschMaternity (1 of 1)-6 OeschMaternity (1 of 1)-28

Fast forward to practically the end of her pregnancy, and I headed back out to take maternity pictures last week.  I bought this aaaamazing flowy gown I wanted to put Lindsey in for some pictures with her husband and Lexi.

 OeschMaternity (1 of 1)-5OeschMaternity (1 of 1)-14

Lexi was pretty laid back for this session.  Maaybe once we caught her flicking her ears forward in true interest.  Lindsey and I like to think that she sensed the pregnancy and therefore curbed any fiestyness.  Probably all conjecture, but whatever makes us feel good, right?

 Anyways, the images are gorgeous.  Clint was a good sport, the dogs (albeit the shadow chasing Bailey) were good sports, and Lexi was amazingly relaxed .  I look forward to meeting baby O!

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