MCAC friend, Drako, needs a home! ~Decatur, Il Photographer~

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Drako has been the longest stay at MCAC.  When a pet stays at the shelter for more than 6 months, they are considered a long term stay.  We WISH Drako had only been in the shelter for 6 months.  This guy is going on 15 months of living in the shelter.  He’s become a volunteer favorite to Debbie as well as Beth of Miti Fine Dog Training.  Look at how alert this gorgeous guy is!  Love those ears!

If you’ve ever seen MCAC at an adoption event, Drako has most likely been there.   The guess is that this poor guy is a Pittie, and therefore overlooked by many people.  He’s cooped up most of the day, so sometimes he doesn’t always appeal to someone walking by his cage.  How does your dog react when you come home?  A little hyper, a little excited having been left alone all day?  Imagine how your dog would behave if they were cooped up every single day for over a year for 23 hours a day?  If you give this guy a chance, you’ll find out he knows his basic commands and just wants to be loved.

So let’s sweeten the deal a little bit.  Beth with Miti Fine Dog Training will throw in a few lessons to get you and your new furbaby acclimated to each other and get some training into both of you.  She doesn’t have to do this, but she does because she loves each one of these pets, and wants nothing more than to see them out of the shelter permanently.  As an additional incentive, Hidden Gem Photography will pay the adoption fee.  Remember, you still HAVE to have an approved application to take this guy home.

As always, please share to spread the word.  Facebook is no longer distributing posts at all, so the more you share, the wider net of people Drako reaches.  Let’s get this guy a home ASAP!