Matt & Kara’s Wedding

So this post was supposed to go live yesterday for their 2 month anniversary, however, my internet hates me, and I couldn’t upload their images (turns out lightning was the culprit). A photographer’s blog isn’t too helpful without actual images, eh? Anywho, know I’m up and running.

These images are special to me (and my sister who helped). Obviously, all my sessions are special, but this one was for close family. It is so important to capture wedding day festivities, so when Matt & Kara asked me to photograph their day, I was honored and excited (and honestly, slightly terrified to not disappoint family).  Check out the gallery for more of Matt & Kara’s wedding pictures (they start on the second row).

While most of my weddings are based in central Illinois/Decatur, I went home to Oak Lawn to photograph their gorgeous wedding day. One of my favorite things about Matt & Kara’s day is how they incorporated the kids in the wedding, so much so, that one of Kara’s picture requests was to go to the park with all of the kids. Every niece and nephew had a part, and did their parts beautifully. They had a blast playing at the park afterwards with their aunt & uncle.

St. Barnabus Wedding

St. Barnabus Wedding

Coincidentally, their priest was from my grade school (20 years ago… eek!)! Father Malloy, who is now at St. Barnabus, actually works with Kara’s mom and remembered my sister and I (whether that’s a good or bad thing, depends on which sister we’re talking about ;))!

Clarkin Wedding (1 of 1)-15

Thank you Matt & Kara for having me participate in your wedding day. I’m so blessed and humbled to have you guys as family, and so happy to have you as an official part of the family, Kara.

Clarkin Wedding (1 of 1)-24

Before I close out the short book that I inevitably always write, I wanted to throw out a HUGE thank you to my sister, Kate. She’s my assistant, second shooter (seriously, she’s getting so good, check out the pic below she got), confidante, rationalizer, time keeper, chauffeur, baggage handler, step stool stabilizer, and a dozen other jobs on wedding day. Without her, I have no doubt I would have lost what little mind I have left. Love you, Kate!

  Clarkin Wedding (1 of 1)-14