Kooper K’s Newborn Session

When you look around HGP's website, you'll see a lot of sleeping babies.  It is almost impossible to pose an awake baby.  So if your babe should wake up, or not go back to sleep at some point, I'm very likely to take a few pictures of your awake babe.  That didn't happen with Kooper.

As with every baby, after getting naked he was wide eyed for a bit.  But his mom was not kidding that when you put a paci in his mouth, his eyes drop, he hits snooze-ville and spits out that paci.  She has amazing instincts as a new momma, and she knew her little boy inside and out.  I wish I had grabbed a few awake shots before he fell asleep, because I never saw his eyeballs again!  It made for a session that I ended up sending a 90+ proofing gallery!  He was so good, albeit sooo wiggly!  Even though he came a few weeks early, he was already 21'' long, and so long legged!  I can't remember ever getting as full a gallery as his.  So Kalie & Phisher, I hope you guys love them, thank you so much for bringing me your little man, I hope I get to see you guys again as he grows!

P.S Make sure you scroll down far enough to catch his little smile while checking up on me!