Kaitlyn ~high school senior, St. Theresa, Decatur, Il Photographer~

Where do I start with this chick!  She was so laid back and cool with whatever I asked her to do.  Our original day was rained out, but luckily last week was gorgeous!  We started out the day downtown for a quick session before heading out to Rock Springs.  Kaitlyn specifically wanted to get the fall colors incorporated into her senior pictures, so that’s what we made sure to do!  Check out her gallery!

KaitlynSenior (1 of 1)-12

This arch used to be all red’s, golds, and yellow ivy with this awesome teal door. Luckily, there was still enough color and awesome light to create some gorgeous images.

  KaitlynSenior (1 of 1)-19

Every so often, I feel an “ah ha” moment occur.  And that happened when I clicked the shutter on this image.  I knew immediately it could possibly become one of my favorite images I’ve ever taken.  Somehow, I just had a feeling that I totally captured Kaitlyn’s essence in this one picture.  Gorgeous, right?

    KaitlynSenior (1 of 1)-32

My mother and I used to give my sister *some* grief because she and ALL of her sorority sisters posed one specific way for pictures.  After seeing 300 pictures with the same pose, it looks a bit ridiculous.  That is, until you steal this pose from those ladies and use it on your senior for her session.  So thanks, Kate and Pi Phi, for the inspiration!  It looks gorgeous!KaitlynSenior (1 of 1)-35

It’s safe to say that fall is pretty much over… at least the pretty part of it.  So if you are looking to have family photos done, start planning for this spring, or bundling up and waiting for a good snow and heading outside for some family fun and snow ball fights!